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31 August 2007 @ 08:56 am
J-ROCK MAGAZINES - Price Drops!  
Vinyl Syndicate 12012 Cover
SHOXX 7/08 - the Gazette Cover $6.50
SHOXX 6/08 - Nightmare Cover - $7.00
SHOXX 4/07 Nightmare Cover - $7.00
Arena 37C 12/08 - UVERworld Cover - $4.95
Arena Act 15 - 8/07 - 16 page Nightmare feature, + Miyavi, Yomi, Sakito

CHU Magazines Issues 2 & 3 (Kanon/An Cafe Cover) (English Mag)
CURE English Issue (Freebie)

Magazines are in excellent condition and most come with free VK flyers!

SHIPPING: Will Ship Worldwide. Prices do not include shipping.
PAYMENT: I accept PAYPAL, US money orders, and well concealed US cash.

SHOXX INDEXX 2009 - $20.00
New condition. Features the Gazette (36 pages), Alice nine.,(34 pages), An Cafe (32 pages), Nightmare (36 pages), and LM.C (6 pages).
*Note - These are the only bands featured in this special issue!
*Note - A few of the LM.C pages have been carefully removed,
but does not affect the other bands pages.
There are practically no advertisements in this issue, and no black & white pages, etc.
This issue is pure eye candy!
Sample pages: Alice nine Alice nine 2 Miku/An Cafe
Bonus: Free VK Flyers

The magazine is originally a poster focused mag, so it is not as thick as a normal magazine.
However, there are a great number of featured artist articles and photos!
Artists featured: An Cafe, THE KIDDIE, SuG, LM.C, ViViD, Zoro, Iro Kui
New condition.

Vinyl Syndicate Vol.16 10/2008 - $5.00
12012 cover feature. Also features The Studs, Girugamesh & others

SHOXX 7/08 - the Gazette Cover - $6.50
New condition. 15 Page Special Edition with the Gazette.
SAMPLE PAGES: Ruki / D'espairsRay / Plastic Tree / MUCC
Artists included: Plastic Tree, Takuya(An Cafe), SID, Mucc, D'espairsRay, Vidoll, Mix Speaker's Inc,
Kra, Versailles, Duel Jewel, Rentrer En Soi, Dolly, Screw, SuG & others
Bonus: Free VK Flyers
Missing pages: LM.C
Gazette poster has been sold.

Arena Act 15 - $7.00
16 page Nightmare feature of Tour 2007 [the WORLD RULER] offstage and onstage, (sample photos above).
Extra Nightmare preview photo: here
Miyavi, Sakito & Yomi each have 2 additional page features.

Left: SHOXX 4/07 - Nightmare Cover - $6.95
New condition. 20 Page Special Edition with Nightmare.
Other artists included: Kagrra, Mucc, the Gazette, 12012, Dacco, D'espairs Ray, Kagerou, Alice nine. An Cafe, Kra, Vidoll & others.
*Bonus: Random VK Flyers free with magazine purchase!

Missing pages: LM.C and ALvino
Poster sold separately.

Right: SHOXX 6/08 - Nightmare Cover - $6.95
New condition. 20 Page Special Edition with Nightmare.
Other artists included: the GazettE, Mucc, An Cafe, Nao (Alice nine.), Kagrra, Mix Speaker's Inc, Penicillin, D'espairsRay, D, Kra, Vidoll, Versailles & others
*Bonus: Random VK Flyers free with magazine purchase!

Missing pages: LM.C
Nightmare poster sold separately.

Arena 37C 12/08 ~ UVERworld Cover - $4.95
Artists: UVERworld, Acid Black Cherry, Nightmare, The GazettE, Miyavi, Alice nine., Nao (Kagrra,) Merry, Kra, ALvino, Penicillin, SuG & many others.
Missing pages: LM.C

CHU Magazines Issues 2 & 3 - $5.00 for both.
(Shipping cost counts as 1 magazine, since they are not as big or heavy.)
Selling as a set only. English language magazine.
Issue 2 features a 8 page photoshoot and interview session with Kanon from An Cafe, and both issues feature various articles, street fashion snaps both in and outside Japan & more.

English version Cure magazine. Like new.
Free with any magazine purchase!
Please leave a comment with your order if interested.

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