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LOVE IS COMPLETELY REAL [entries|friends|calendar]
small-town talk.

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ACCESS; DENIED [28 May 2005|01:02pm]

© chemistry____

Add me first, then comment.

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POST SECRET. [27 May 2005|12:00am]
"Nothing makes us so lonely as our secrets."
Post a secret.

A funny one, a serious one, a happy one, a sad one, a family recipe...anything. Comment as many times as you'd like, with as many secrets as you'd like, just so long as you do it anonymously. It's nice to know you're not alone. I'll contribute too, and I'll put links elsewhere so that those who don't have LiveJournal and those who aren't my friends can contribute. It's a good way to release a secret. IPs are not being logged and there is no way that it can be traced back to you. I'm keeping links for this open everywhere forever, so that anyone can come back here and re-read secrets to feel better, or post a new one that they need to get off their chest.

DO NOT PROMOTE OR ASK TO BE ADDED HERE. I will delete and ignore it. Go back one to do that. Thanks.

ALSO: These secrets are not directed at me. If you would like them to be, please address me. "You" will be assumed as a person as if you a writing a letter to them, an unknown person.

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