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Day one of PT

So I saw my Physical Therapist today. We have a goal to get me walking like normal again by the end of February. As I've heard other people give dates like six months, I was a little surprised.

She took measurements of both my feet so that she could compare. My right foot is still swollen and she said post operative swelling can take a long time to go away, so I am not too worried.

Next, she checked my range of motion. She was surprised at the range of motion in my good foot. She said the range of motion in my healing foot is within what is expected.

Finally, she had me lay down and she raised my feet up. After that, she put a wet sock with points to attach electrodes on me. Of course, she did attach electrodes and then wrapped my ankle in ice. She had me turn up the power for the electrodes to whatever was comfortable. I cranked it up to about 45 at first, but had to back it down to 30 after a while. I laid through that for 12 minutes and then I was on my way.

I have 14 more appointments, including two in the pool - or at least that is what my measly insurance will cover.