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The play's the thing

So I went to the audition today at fighter practice.

I think I surprised myself. I definitely surprised myself by my best reading, IMO, being for the gay soldier. I blame The Kids In The Hall. Scott Thompson in particular since when I was told about the gay soldier, he immediately popped to mind for some reason. The playwright stole a few lines from The Princess Bride, which I have committed to memory and I was the only person, to date, to nail the Inigo Montoya line. I think I was impressive enough that Wynter, the director and playwright asked me to stick around and help stand in for other people auditioning. Which I did. I had a blast. Even if I don't get cast, I still had fun and that's what's important, right?

As for why I did this whole acting thing. There's two main reasons. The first, I always wanted to try it but was too shy. Even today I almost chickened out, but made myself go up and do it. The second is that I figured it would be a great way to meet some folks(which happened quite a bit). The second part is already coming out. Met some fun people tonight. The catalyst for all this I blame on Randy Milholland(known as kobold  here). He makes this webcomic that I got addicted to despite better judgment(my better judgment has since fled and was last seen living with a cheap floozy in downtown Nashville, TN).