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Things I will miss about Phoenix/Arizona


  1. All the friends I've made here. I will miss ya'll and you've got a standing invitation to visit us any time.
  2. The High Country. It is damn pretty up there.
  3. Being four hours away from the Grand Canyon.
  4. Living this close to mountains. There's something in my blood that hears the siren song of such geological formations.
  5. Taking a drive on a weekend and winding up in the mountains and going through the passes, then through a copper town literally built on the side of a mountain.
  6. Being close enough to see at least one of my parents once a year. smmc may hate and despise them, but they are still my parents.
  7. Having a backyard for the boys to play in.
  8. Dust storms. What can I say, I have a thing for nature's fury.