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Woke up to one of my machines beeping. It appears the machine that attempts to make sure I don't suffer from thrombosis died. I also woke up to a throbbing in my ankle and foot. This isn't unusual as I'd have the same problem at home. Of course, I don't have free access to Vicodin here, so I have to wait for the nurse to return with either Vicodin or a shot of morphine.

I'm actually somewhat ambivalent towards morphine. Sure it kills the pain pretty good, as well as doing it quickly, however it is rather short lived in comparison to Vicodin.

EDIT: YAY! Vicodin is here at 0233! Now to wait for it to take enough effect so I can get back to sleep.

It is done!

Turns out the hospital has wi-fi and smmc brought me my laptop due to a brouhaha with the bean counters. They were going to actually attempt to deny me having surgery today. Then they called my doctor and their tune changed, but by that time, my darling wife was on her way.

So I'm not feeling too doped up, but I am in quite a bit of pain, despite my nurse's best efforts. It isn't as bad as it was, but it isn't comfortable, either. It probably isn't any worse than when I originally broke it, but the ER gave me lots of morphine, which they can't do here. Pesky addictiveness.

I didn't get to see the leg at all as they didn't unwrap it until I was in the OR. Ah well. I will get to see it on the 1st, when I have my post-op appointment. I'm back in a splint until the swelling from the surgery goes down. Then I get a real cast.

I had a spinal block instead of general anesthesia. General's side effects of nausea, vomiting, and sore throat didn't hold a candle to possible a spinal headache. Getting the injection was an adventure in pain in and of itself, but not having to be intubated was worth it, to me.

The doc is also giving me orders to get a wheelchair, so woo-hoo! I've been wanting one since using the one at work and now I get to have insurance pay for it. Sweet!

Oh, and my darling wife, smmc, has been here with me, holding my hand when the pain got so intense for me. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have met such a wonderful woman, let alone that she actually loves me and puts up with me and my antics.

Ankle news

So I went and saw the orthopedic surgeon today. After much running around and spending more time on my crutches than I hope I ever will again, tafkaj99(my ride) and I finally located the doc's office. Why more time than I hope I ever will again? Because even using my crutches for a little while makes my good foot and leg hurt like hell. Just getting from the parking lot to our apartment has been an exercise in pain endurance. After I got home I did a little research and I think I was using the crutches wrong. I certainly hope so, the walk from where I will get dropped off for work and to my new desk makes all the distances I crossed today seem minuscule.

Back to the news about my ankle, though. The doctor had a few more x-rays taken of my ankle and has decided I need two screws and a plate put in. The screws will be used to secure that big hunk of bone I broke off the tibia and the plate will be used to shore up the fibula. I go under the knife on 11/20/08. The doc will also want to admit me for observation overnight. After that I get six weeks of non-weight bearing on my right ankle. Which means I will be on crutches until the beginning of the New Year.

I am going into work tomorrow to see how it goes. I am also going to ask if there is any way I can work from home. If they want a note from my orthopedic, I can get one. It also depends on how my swelling works out. The doc needs to have my swelling reduced in ten days. If it is still too swollen on the 20th, he will reschedule my surgery. His point of view is that all the swollen tissue will hinder proper healing. That said, he'd rather I stay home unless they can make proper arrangements for me. It's in the note he gave, even.