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So CASFS has a reading group. I missed finishing Silverlock by John Myers Myers for this month's group, but next month's book is Arrows Of The Queen by Mercedes Lackey. Now, probably most of you don't know that I have an utter loathing for Lackey's work. Now, I've read the entire Arrows trilogy(of which AOTQ is the first), the first two Tarma and Kethry books, and the first of a couple of her other books dealing with Valdemar and the world it's in. Oh, and the first SERRAted Edge novel. I'd say I have some experience reading her work.

See, after a while it gets pretty boring knowing who the 'secret' antagonist is within paragraphs of reading about them. Her wolfs in the fold wear nearly see-through sheep suits. I mean, they could only be plainer villains if they wore black capes and twirled handlebar mustaches. Then you have to wade through the rest of the books in the trilogy just to see them get their comeuppance, all the while wanting to bash the characters for taking so long to see what was right in front of them at the beginning. After that comes the fact that, from my point of view, she couldn't write a real male to save her effing life. Her male characters inevitably come off as, in a phrase I coined just for them, 'women in pants'. That is unless they're the antagonist. Otherwise the only difference between the sexes in her books seems to be that the men wear pants and the women skirts.

So, now that I've opened my big mouth I'm going to have to put my money there, I've realized. See, it has been over a decade ago since I read all these books. I also started them probably a year or so before my first marriage went to hell. The Arrow books were also foisted me as practically handbooks for working magic by some friends. I am willing to grant that these events could have colored my perception. I believe the Tarma and Kethry books were the last ones I read. I have to admit that I think those may be her strongest books. The first book is a collection of short stories she had written, if memory serves, which made them a lot tighter than her novels. I am working on AOTQ right now(just started it this morning) and I'll see if my opinions change any when I'm done. I will probably have to revisit more her works, because AOTQ was her freshman novel. I'm willing to be fair and grant that her first novel out was probably not her best.

The book discussion is on Oct. 17th, so I will post my own review, and possibly comments by others at the meeting, after that.


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