Chas (chas_) wrote,

A question for the table top role players

So I'm looking at doing a Pathfinder game and I'm looking at the methods of character creation. For this sort of game, I like to stick to random methods for character attribute generation. I have a method I'd prefer to use, but I'd like input.

Here are the methods:

Hardcore Classic - roll 3d6 and record it for each attribute. No rerolls, no putting rolls where you want them.

Classic - roll 3d6 six time and assign them to attributes as you wish.

Standard - roll 4d6, discard lowest die, do it six times and assign as you see fit. (Possible hardcore variant would be to assign them as you roll)

Heroic - roll 2d6 and add 6, again do it six times, etc, etc.

When responding I'd also like to hear your reasoning for liking it. Maybe there's something in your reasoning I never thought of.
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