October 30th, 2006

South Park's mocking of Steve Irwin upsets widow

According to an article on IMDB, South Park has mocked Steve Irwin's death. This has upset his widow, which I can understand, but it's been reported that she's worried that if her eight year old daughter and two year old son see the episode it will cause them to breakdown.




I'd be more worried that you're letting an eight and two year old watch South Park, personally. Then again, I wouldn't let my spouse take either of our month old children into an area with hungry crocodiles like some sort of taunting snack. So, clearly Terri Irwin and I have different views on parenting.

As for British TV naturalist Mark Amey's comment about the episode being "distasteful shit," well, I guess he's never watched South Park before.

Movie time

So, Dyson has decided he wants to be Superman for Halloween this year. Now, understand that he hasn't seen Superman Returns. Instead he's been watching the animated series that reruns on Boomerang, as well the Justice League/Justice League Unlimited reruns. In fact, we have never taken him to see a movie in the theater(we took him to a drive-in once, but that doesn't count to me). I decided to correct both of those by taking him to see Superman Returns at one of the cheap theaters.

I now I have a keen awareness as to why Disney movies are so short. While Dyson was rapt when there were action scenes, he was antsy during the talking scenes. He wasn't terrible and I don't blame him for being a bit bored with trying to sit through a two and a half hour movie. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical of his ability to do so when I saw the running time of the film, but I told him I'd take him to see Superman. To make matters worse, the theater has the worst damn seats around. Even I couldn't fit into them, and while I'm overweight, I'm not HUGE. Sunny, with her childbearing hips would never have been able to fit.So I was slouched in a position that left my lower back screaming in short order. I was actually relieved when Dyson said he was hungry and we went to get some popcorn. Understand that I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER EVER get up in the middle of a movie in a theater, no matter how good or bad, that's how awful the seats were.

Aside from Dyson's discomfort and the horrible torture devices they called seats, I really liked the film. Dyson did as well, if you ask him. Heck, I'm still whistling Superman's Theme, occasionally.

Now Dyson wants to go see Flushed Away, but this is a much more manageable hour and an half.