October 26th, 2006

The Vegemite Saga

It seems earlier reports that the FDA banned Vegemite are the stuff of Internet hoaxes. Of course, it was lent credence by some halfwit at Kraft saying it probably was because Vegemite has folate added to it. Um. Apparently the FDA knows more about Kraft's products than Kraft does. The FDA says the folate isn't added, it's a natural component. As a homebrewer I'm well aware that dead yeast cells(the main component to Vegemite) are rich in a plethora of B vitamins, which caused my 'BULLSHIT!' senses to tingle. Oh, and the FDA also said that no one has notified Kraft that there was a ban on it, so they don't know where Kraft is getting their ideas(Note to Kraft: Seriously rethink having Joanna Scott as a spokesperson).

Link to the Aussie news article confirming there is no ban.

Now, if only some guy named Brussels, who's 6'4", and full of muscle would give me a Vegemite sandwich. . .
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