October 22nd, 2006

File under Glad To Be An American

From El Reg, Beer fingerprints to go UK-wide

I'm glad to live in a country were the government can't track where I've been drinking.

Oh, and you have to love a corollary to this: domestic violence has risen while alcohol related crimes are down. Yep. If you can't keep 'em under control in public, best to shove them behind closed doors where law abiding folks don't have to see it.

Good habit or bad?

So I've done gone and gotten back into comic books. I saw the Wikipedia entry for DC Comics's series 52 and decided to go see if the nearest comic shop had any back issues. . .they had an entire rack from Week One to the current week. At $2.50 a pop I could only afford about six of them, so my plan is to buy six every payday until I'm caught up. There were, of course, other titles I want to get, but those will have to wait.