July 7th, 2006

Damn your eyes!

So I was set up to go get my MRI done on Monday, however the neuro-ophthamologist's office gave me a name of an imaging place that didn't exist, Advanced Medical Imaging. Using Google Maps I found them under Arizona Medical Imaging. I gave them a call to confirm and they asked me some questions. One of them was "Have you ever done any grinding or welding of metal?" Well, my "yes" has made it so that I have to go in and get my eyes x-rayed today. Had I not called, I probably would have had to go through the whole thing on Monday.

The tension is building, now. I have a little over a week to go till I find out if something is going on in my head. I'm hoping and praying that there is nothing to see. I really hope my Dad is right and it's all due to my blood pressure.