April 4th, 2006


Okay, every so often I start remembering books I read as teenager or so. Unfortunately, most of them where either lent to me by friends or from the library. What this means is that I have no clue to the name of the book or the author.

I've been plagued by one and just remembered another. I'm going to post these here in hopes that maybe, just maybe, one of you knows of these books.

First, the instigator. It was a young adult sci-fi book, I believe. I'm pretty positive I got it from the youth section of the library. It was about a girl who escapes an arcology. I cannot remember why or if it was buried or above ground(I think it was buried). I believe the same author did another book about a girl on another planet where there were these creatures called nagas, I think. Or maybe they were centaurs. I never got deep into that one and I read it once when I was in my early, early teens, maybe even pre-teen.

Second, a group of people from this world wind up on a fantasy-esque world. They are from all walks of life. One was an Native American who had hands of different colors. One was white and the other black. One healed and the other hurt, IIRC. He also worked as a construction worker on high rises. There was someone else who wound up with a sword in a scabbard. When they finally draw it while facing off with an arachnid of unusual size, it appears to be nothing but a hilt. Frustrated and with nothing else at hand, they throw it at the arachnid and it falls dead. Why? Because the sword's blade is invisible. Oh, yeah, I think they all died in this world first, too.

Third, all I can remember is that there were bad guys who looked like giant teddy bears with bat wings. They may or may not have been flaming sword wielding by the giant teddy bears with bat wings.

Fourth, a guy is sentenced to die for killing a scientist whom he was assisting. He's dropped off on a desert world only to be rescued shortly thereafter. He eventually makes it back to the scientist's lab and unlocks what the guy was working on - a portal to another world that was Eden like.

Fifth, the sole survivor of a planet that was a constant fight to survive that made them into the most valuable mercenaries in the galaxy. His planet and people were wiped out, but he was rescued somehow. His bones may or may not have been replaced. Yeah, that's it! There was some radiation or something that they used to wipe out the planet. He was saved by having his bones replaced. I think they were replaced with metal, but nothing as fancy as Wolverine's adamantium.

If you can provide names of either the author or the book, my frustrated brain will thank you mightily.