March 18th, 2006

Inanimated objects 3, Sunny 0

So last night I put our futon sofa into the futon form so I and the boys could kick back on it and Dyson and I could watch movies on it.

It is still in the "bed" position, which puts it very close to Sunny's computer desk.

Three times she's smacked her ankle on it. THREE TIMES. And we're not talking wussy little girly whacks, either.

I love my wife, truly I do, and I try to feel for her, but her klutziness cracks me up.

(This being said, I think I shall leave it in the bed position since I will likely be sleeping out here. ;)
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Myth: The Fallen Lords

So I've always had a couple of mp3's of the music from Myth: The Fallen Lords floating around(Beyond The Cloudspine and The Siege At Madrigal, I believe). They made their way on to my X5 when I copied over all my music onto it. This past week they popped up. This, of course, has made me desire to play it again. Sure, the game is almost a decade old, but it's still a fantastic game after all these years. I loved the second and never bothered with the third.
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    Give A Little Bit - Supertramp