January 9th, 2006

Somebody up there either really hates me or really like me

So after a long shut in weekend, the wife and I start to get ready to go do some shopping, but first Dyse and I are going to take out the trash.

I open the door for the first time since Friday night and a rolled up sheet of paper falls from where it was jammed between the door and the jamb. I glance at it, see that it's something from the complex, and hand it to Sunny to read while Dyse and I take the trash out.

We come back and she tells that we're going to have to move. The complex is doing renovations and they'll need us to leave the property. It doesn't specifically list a date, but they'll have models available to view of the new units on the first of February.

Now, where I work, we see a lot of construction loans, both ground up as well as renovations and improvements. I can tell you, for a fact, that if they are so ready as to have a model ready by Feb. 1, 2006, that they've known about this for at least three to four months.

So all the crap I went through when we moved here was for nothing. All the hell I've been in trying to afford moving here and Christmas in the same month was for shit. And this time we get to do WITHOUT the benefit of a truck I can borrow.

Words cannot adequately express how pissed I am.

On the other hand, they do off to waive all fees, etc, and transfer our deposit to any other AIMCO property.

San Antonio has AIMCO properties. Turns out one of the more affordable ones is where a family of dear friends of ours lived while they were in Texas.

We don't have a specific date we have to move, but I am loath to move from here to another Phoenix apartment, then to do it all over again to Texas. I'd rather just move Sunny and the boys to Texas while I keep working here and looking for a job in Texas. My dad owns a place here that I could stay in. There is public transportation within a decent distance of it, so Sunny can have the car. She does not want to do this, but if I have to blow the cash on a truck rental, I may as well do it all the way. We won't really have the cash to do two moves and two truck rentals.

The other pro to this is that it allows us to break our lease here without having to pay the usual ton of money they make you pay(most places want at least two months rent or so, people I've talked to have listed ranges of closer to $2k, though). It was something I've been agonizing over.
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