January 6th, 2006

The continuing saga. . .

So, I told my manager about what happened with the job in Texas.

She said she'd call the Near Ultimate Manager(called NUM) of the SBA division and talk to him about the issue. He is, apparently, aware of my desire to move and he knows the Top Level Manager of the group I was applying to. She couldn't make any promises, but she'd see if he could do some persuading for me.


Me? Someone with that much pull as the NUM might go to bat for me? Never mind that he's paying attention to me. And not to mention here is the manager whom I railed against in November doing this for me, too.

I decided to go for broke and threw in that I'd LOVE to work at the SBA Hub in Texas(across the parking lot from the SA Loan Ops center). This would keep me in the NUM's world and would actually make some important things a lot easier for them.


In related happenings, my Other Coworker is of the opinion that I should take the pay cut. Her logic is that since it's cheaper to live in Texas I shouldn't want as much money. This is contrary to pretty much every well seasoned person I've spoken to.

Of course, this is the person who rails against her brother-in-law who is pulling down a seven digit salary. She goes on about how since he's an athiest that Satan provides for them. She tends to keep her religious shit in check, but when she lets it out, she's scary. Of course, the fact I don't believe in God has her stymied. So far I've resisted saying something like, "Well, then, if that's true, where the fuck is my seven digit salary? Did you ever consider that maybe, just maybe, your brother-in-law is actually that fucking good at his job?"
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