January 1st, 2006

Out with the old, in with the new

A number of peopele have posted about what they did last year and opting not to talk too much about what they intend for this year. I like to buck trends, so I'll skip retelling all the drama from 2005. My journal already contains most of the stuff I'd say anyways.

This coming year I intend  to

  • lose 120 lbs by changing my lifestyle to include better eating habits and getting regular exercise.
  • get a job, preferably with Wells Fargo, in Texas and preferably in the Austin-San Antonio area.
  • buy a house with some land on it
  • finish my armor and get my ass out on the field in the SCA. Wendel made me a helmet with the promise I'd get out and fight with it. He never saw that happen and now that he's passed, I feel an obligation to do what I promised him.
  • hold a big ass holiday celebration.

We'll see how these hold up. I am going to start with exercise on Tuesday as I start biking to work as its only 3.5 miles and pretty much a straight shot from where I live.