Chas (chas_) wrote,

Well, crap.

So I finally got around to calling the ortho's office today. I had a legitimate question: was he going to put me in a walking cast or using a walker? I mean, if the latter, then I would need to come prepared with a right shoe. The gal I spoke to seemed annoyed by my questioning. I'm sorry, I don't carry around my other shoe with me all the time. I don't expect to suddenly have my cast magically come off and then I'll get up and start doing some soft shoe. If it's who I think it is in his office, then she has always had an attitude problem. She's the only one in the office I really dislike speaking to. All the other ladies, both office and nurses, have been wonderfully nice. Heck, the ortho has been pretty good, too, if really busy.
Tags: broken ankle
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