Chas (chas_) wrote,

Hopefully fixed

A bit of background: the cast I am in is not the old school plaster one. It is much thinner. However, before the doc put it on, he covered my shin and foot with a bit of stocking like material from a big ol' roll of the stuff. once he had the inner part of the cast on, he rolled the edges back and secured it down with the outer part of the cast.

For about a week or so now, my 4th toe has been getting rubbed till it isn't quite raw, but just enough so that it was painful. At first I accused my overgrown toenail on the small toe. That was trimmed, but the pain continued. I figured that it just needed to heal, but no. Last night I noticed that my small toe was actually within the cast, instead of being exposed. As a result, some of the stocking material was getting worked over it so that it was rubbing against my 4th toe. Surely, though, something as soft as the stocking material could not be the culprit, I thought.

Today at work, it started acting up, so I jammed a spare pen into the side of the cast to keep the material from rubbing. Sure enough, after a while, the pain in my toe subsided. So, to keep that stuff in line I have fallen back on that silvery stuff that keeps the world from falling apart: duct tape. It seems to be doing the job. I certainly hope it helps, that pain is part of the annoyance of this cast.

Tags: broken ankle
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