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Tue, Apr. 19th, 2011, 05:41 pm
Words Fail Me

From the BBC: It is with much sadness that we can announce Elisabeth Sladen, the much-loved actress best known for her role as Sarah Jane Smith in Doctor Who and CBBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures, passed away this morning. She was 63.

I started watching Doctor Who back in the Eighties when the local PBS station started showing the Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen episodes, so this makes me profoundly sad.

Sun, Mar. 20th, 2011, 08:19 pm
One night next to you is like half a year near a nuclear power plant

Per this chart from XKCD, sleeping next to someone is 0.05 microsieverts and living within 50 miles of a nuclear power plant for a year is 0.09 microsieverts.

Mon, Mar. 14th, 2011, 05:13 pm
It must be genetic or something

Me to wife: I need to go to the bread store as we're out of bread.
Youngest child: No. We're in bread.
Me: FACEPALM No, we're not.

Wed, Mar. 9th, 2011, 10:24 am
For the writer types

Given the number of writer types on my FL, I figured some of you might be interested in this interview with the author who, as of moments ago, had three books on Amazon's Top 10 Literature and Fiction book list.

The upshot? The guy is an independent author and has never made an attempt at a sale to a traditional publishing house or hired an agent to sell his work.


Tue, Mar. 8th, 2011, 05:02 pm
Important info for my San Marcos friends!

San Marcos police see hike in burglaries


According to an announcement by the San Marcos Police Department:

San Marcos Police are asking for citizens’ help in stopping a rash of apartment and vehicle burglaries occurring in the last week.

Residents are encouraged to report suspicious activity in apartment complexes and parking lots by calling 911 immediately.

Since February 28, burglars have hit 22 vehicles and 17 apartments in San Marcos.

“We have seen a sudden increase in burglaries,” said Commander Penny Dunn. “Victims appear to be targeted because of unlocked doors or windows. Most vehicles that were burglarized were locked, but had valuables such as purses, computers or other electronics left on seats and visible from the outside.”

In one case, a female resident at The Zone apartments on Aquarena Springs Drive was groped by the intruder when she left her door unlocked for her roommate who was working late. The suspects were described as a white male wearing a hoodie sweatshirt and a young Hispanic male.

Dunn said that all vehicles were entered through an unlocked door or by breaking a window. All of the apartment burglaries happened through unlocked windows or doors.

“Property crimes like these can be prevented by locking the doors and windows of your residence and by removing valuable possessions from a vehicle,” Dunn said.

The majority of victims were young adults either attending college or working locally. The burglaries have occurred across San Marcos.

“We have seen apartments hit all over town. Young adults and college students are targeted for their electronic equipment such as phones, computers, video gaming systems, and for their tendency to leave their homes and vehicles unsecured,” she said.

Wed, Feb. 16th, 2011, 02:19 pm
So that's what her LJ name mean!

After viewing today's Cake Wrecks, I realized that one of them explains hcolleen's journal's name.

Sat, Jan. 29th, 2011, 07:55 pm

Something of a birthday tradition for me, posting a link to Cracker's Happy Birthday To Me.

Mon, Nov. 29th, 2010, 11:27 am
So damn tired

I am so damn tired of my government treating me like I'm the next fucking meth head-to-be or a robodexing teen when I buy drugs that I need when I have a cold or my allergies are acting up. I'm not a damn criminal and I do not want to be treated like one.

Wed, Oct. 20th, 2010, 01:47 pm
Now I just want a Vespa more

Cool video of the Royal Air Force's Red Arrows(equivalent to the US Navy's Blue Angels) practicing formations for a 1,000 mile charity ride on 125 cc Vespa scooters.

Tue, Oct. 19th, 2010, 08:51 am
A question for the table top role players

So I'm looking at doing a Pathfinder game and I'm looking at the methods of character creation. For this sort of game, I like to stick to random methods for character attribute generation. I have a method I'd prefer to use, but I'd like input.

Here are the methods:

Hardcore Classic - roll 3d6 and record it for each attribute. No rerolls, no putting rolls where you want them.

Classic - roll 3d6 six time and assign them to attributes as you wish.

Standard - roll 4d6, discard lowest die, do it six times and assign as you see fit. (Possible hardcore variant would be to assign them as you roll)

Heroic - roll 2d6 and add 6, again do it six times, etc, etc.

When responding I'd also like to hear your reasoning for liking it. Maybe there's something in your reasoning I never thought of.

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