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august 20th
9:30 club
finch w/ rx bandits a static lullaby and someone else....

i'll be there rocking out
with my 2 right hand men


who wants to join us?!

what the fuck.

i had such a fun time last night at bryans,
but when i went to my car while going on a
cigarette run this morning, i found my car
had been busted into. shit is beat. nothing
was stolen because im a broke bitch who doesnt
carry anything valuable in that car except my
ipod but i take that shit with me when
i park anywhere. so fuck some crackheads. the
only humor i get out of this situation is whoever
broke into the car was kind enough to use the
ashtray while they raided my car. lol, jesus.
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if anyone out there is up to broadening their musical taste
i highly recommend you download any song by prefuse 73
off their album one word extinguisher start downloading NOW.
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these past couple days have been alot of fun, and july will
probably be marked as the highlight month of this whole summer.
i partied hard on saturday&sunday at deans, but got ridiculous
on sunday. i remember owning in some beer pong for about 3 or 4
games with anna because we're just gangster like that. all of us
crowding into deans room at like 3 or 4 in the morning. me anna
and flinn took over deans bed for awhile, and that shit was hot.
i got about 5 and half hours of sleep and woke up on the 4th of
july hungover as fuck. i took julian to his first parade and he
seemed to enjoy it. i spent most of yesterday in the city at
bryans just smoking and hanging out. i ended up crashing at his
friend ethans house after smoking entirely too much. now im home
watching roseanne and about to eat some ramen noodles. julians
birthday is this sunday! we're having a party for him, so if youd
like to stop by and see the birthday boy drop me a comment or hit
me up on AIM or my cellular device.

im calling it a night.
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just to let everyone know!

my mom had the internet shut off because we're switching to some
other company so i dont know when ill be back on but if you cared
im still alive!

oh yeah,
i went to a crazy ass party last night and got really really drunk. all i can
say is i got so much lovin from some the ladies! ♥

ow owwww!

if you wanna get ahold of me, hit up my cell phone.
and if you know have my number, sucks to be you.