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Oh, Hello there...

How are you all doing?
It's been a while, apparently...Partially because I lost the password for a while there, which would have been rectified fast and easy, but ...life, didn't feel the urge to post, or even look at other people's blogs (I'm going to call other livejournals also blogs from now on, allright?) etcetera....

I hope to make a comeback? Maybe? Not sure...
I mean I set out 18 months ago to write down some reviews for this reading challenge I signed up for in late  2014, and then wrote 1 such entry and promptly forgot and/or forgot about it.
Well I continued reading my way through the challenge, for a while at least...
But eventually I abandonned it as well and just read whatever the hell I liked.
In the end I managed to read about 30 books in 2015, which is a lot more then the 18 I had signed up for, but like I said, they were different books then I had intended.
This year (2016) I signed up for the Goodreads challenge of a whole 40 books - thinking 'if I managed 30 in 12 months before, 40 should require me a /little/ bit more effort' - and then proceeded to complete the thing by the first week of July
Why? What happened ?
(the challenge page for me is here , btw. Feel free to add me on goodreads too!)

Anyway, had been in a reading slump for some years, so I'm glad that came back!

As for the rest of this blog...I'm gonna do something with it, I just need to think about it somewhat, collect some ideas.

Untill next time...bye!

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2015 Mount TBR Reading Challenge

So in a bid to  reduce the unread books on my shelf I decided to sign up for this challenge. I like the fact that you can pick your own goal, and that it runs the entire year!
In 2014 I read between 20 and 30 books -year's not over yet, and I did't count for the first few months, so I have no idea of the exact amount- so I think I'll get to Mt Vancouver. (Challenge pic is also the link to the sign up post)

Challenge Levels:
Pike's Peak: Read 12 books from your TBR pile/s
Mount Blanc: Read 24 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Vancouver: Read 36 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Ararat: Read 48 books from your TBR piles/s
Mt. Kilimanjaro: Read 60 books from your TBR pile/s
El Toro: Read 75 books from your TBR pile/s
Mt. Everest: Read 100 books from your TBR pile/s
Mount Olympus (Mars): Read 150+ books from your TBR pile/s
And the rules:
*Once you choose your challenge level, you are locked in for at least that many books. If you find that you're on a mountain-climbing roll and want to tackle a taller mountain, then you are certainly welcome to upgrade.  All books counted for lower mountains may carry over towards the new peak.
*Challenge runs from January 1 to December 31, 2015.
*You may sign up anytime from now until November 4th, 2015.
*Books must be owned by you prior to January 1, 2015. No ARCs (none), no library books. No rereads. [To clarify--based on a question raised last year--the intention is to reduce the stack of books that you have bought for yourself or received as presents {birthday, Christmas, "just because," etc.}. Audiobooks and E-books may count if they are yours and they are one of your primary sources of backlogged books.]
*You may count any "currently reading" book that you begin prior to January 1--provided that you had 50% or more of the book left to finish in 2014.  I will trust you all on that.
*Books may be used to count for other challenges as well.
*Feel free to submit your list in advance (as incentive to really get those books taken care of) or to tally them as you climb.
*There will be quarterly check-ins and prize drawings!


I'm posting a list of books I'm going to read later, but for the moment here is my 'to read' shelf on Librarything
Obviously I won't be able to read them all, so I'll be picking 36 of them.
Watch this space!
EDIT: Here's the compiled list -again- on Librarything! Will make a separate post with a typed list later for easier reference....
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 ... Apparently Elementary is premiering today on one of our local channels.  (Which I, obviously didn't know)

Mum's recording it (there's another show on another channel they watch at the same time) because "it's a new show with Lucy Liu"...

...but has no idea it's another version of Sherlock Holmes. (She''s aware I adore BBC's Sherlock, and the Sherlock Holmes stories in general.)


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signal boosting

Guys, there is nothing under this cut but an unadulterated plea by an absolute stranger for money. I am honor bound to post this; you are not honor bound to read it.

Please for the love of god, if you have extra coins in your couch cushions, help send my roommate back to school. Leaving this public, on the offchance linkage needs to happen.

Friends, family, loved ones:

I attended my first semester at College of Santa Fe after years of attempting to enter college - I'm 27, and this was a dream come true. My first semester was amazing: I worked on a one-on-one basis with professors, at a college renowned for my study subjects, and got the highest marks available in all of my classes. I'm a perfect student - as uncomfortable as it makes me to say that - and because of financial errors, I have not been able to pursue my work.

The ordeal has been long and arduous, and I will not bore you with the extent of the details. The basic outline is this: I entered school with a series of loans, grants, and scholarships, having been told that my education was paid for through a combination of these things. Then, my work study was denied. I attempted a private loan, and was told that Sallie Mae - in a difference of a matter of days - would no longer represent my school. Then I was denied for a personal loan. Then I was told by my advisors that a government loan, which could help me, would not be issued to me retroactively - even though it was through these same financial advisors errors that I did not receive this loan in the first place.

I am at the end of my rope. I refuse to see my education terminated in this fashion. I have worked long and hard, for almost a decade, to come to this place for the opportunity to learn, and I refuse to see it taken away by bureaucracy and error. I have been saving every dime I earn in my employment, but I fear it will not be enough in time: I have already missed two semesters of school, and I want to clear my debt in time to register for the Spring 2012 semester.

Though it pains me, I have turned to you, my friends, for help. I know that these are hard financial times for everyone, and that many of us are in similarly difficult places for finances. I know that I have no right to ask you for help, when we're all in the same place, looking down the same long road. But I have to hope, and in that hope, I must turn to those who have always supported me and bolstered me: my friends, my family, the extended network of people I have met on my journey to where I am today.

My owed debt is $2,667.

If you can give even $1, that will be one inch closer to my November goal. Please, please help me get back to school.

Please know that I understand that many of you will not be able to give - but your support and love means just as much to me as any dollar amount. I am not a person used to relying on the help of other people - I ask you to understand how difficult this is for me, and know that I thank each and every one of you for all of your help, compassion, and understanding over the past few months, and in the future.

With deep regard,


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RE: the "I write like" meme that's been going around...

Do you all recall Harlequin, and their recent dip in the vanity pool? Harlequin wasn’t the first or the only formerly-legitimate publisher to go down that road with Author Solutions. No, that honor goes to Thomas Nelson. But, since Thomas Nelson is a “Christian Publisher,” no one noticed at the time. Indeed, Thomas Nelson’s journey to the dark side is even sleazier than Harlequin’s. While Harlequin created a new imprint, “Harlequin Horizons,” as their vanity brand, Thomas Nelson used the name of an existing and formerly legitimate imprint, WestBow, for theirs. Thus, anyone checking up on the publisher’s name before submitting would find a long history of reasonably-selling books by known authors.

This “I Write Like” site isn’t remotely legitimate. No, they aren’t trying; or, anyway, they aren’t trying to analyze writing samples: They’re trying to lure newbie authors to the rocks and shoals of vanity publication.

(Emphasis mine)

Via Making Light.

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