I Me Mine

25 February 1985
I'm a French girl who is living in Sydney, Australia for the moment.I'll probably be moving back to the UK in June ( when my working holiday visa ends! ), and I'm curerntly applying at Unis throughout UK for next year, still deciding between a Bachelor of English or History.
Most of my posts are Friends only, though some of them are public because they're not very personnal, but mostly because I always forget to lock them. ^_^
You probably can get a good idea of what I like by looking at my interests list, but my very favourite things in the world are The Beatles ( and the 60's in general, and generally music, too, I'm a music junkie ^_^ ), Dominic Monaghan, the Harry Potter books and Harry Potter fanfiction ( mostly slash but het can be cool too ), the LOTR movies and fantasy books. I also love to travel and discover new cultures.
I tend to talk too much and rant about things that only I find interesting, but other than that I'm all right, lol. ^_^
If you think we could be friends, well just leave a message in my friends only post ( which is at the bottom of the page because I never figured out how to make it stay at the top ) and I'll add you to my friends list.

My beautiful Beatles icons can be found here: highregister
Thank you, these are awesome. ^_^