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nonsensical ramblings

because i have nothing better to do with my life

29 December 1978
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oh me
me be
i am
i can
sing and
hear me
know me.
90's, a less-complicated life, accents, acrylics, adult swim, affection, agnostics, alkaline trio, alternative music, animation, anti-heros, archery, arrested development, art, art links, art websites, artist links, artists, arts, bars, blade runner, blur, books, bookstores, borders, bright eyes, british comedies, catcher in the rye, channel zero, cigarettes, cinematography, cities, coffee, comic book art, comic books, comic strips, comics, comix, computer graphics, craigslist, dashboard confessional, demo, digital art, digital cameras, diners, donnie darko, douglas adams, drawing, drawn together, dresden dolls, drinking, eddie izzard, egon schiele, empire records, etc., family guy, fantasy, fight club, fine art, friends, futurama, goldfish crackers, graphic design, guitar, gut-wrenching emotional pain, hate & love, history, illustration, invader zim, karaoke, kevin smith movies, killing time, lord of the rings, m. night shyamalan, modest mouse, movies, mp3, mullets, music, my so called life, nick hornby, nihilism, nin, nine inch nails, nirvana, non-stop partying, nonsense, odd nerdrum, old school nintendo, online comics, p.b.r, painting, paper, phillip k. dick, photoshop, pizza, playing guitar, quiet, radiohead, rain, reading, red meat, ren faires, san francisco, science fiction, scrubs, sex, sex on the couch, sf giants, sketching, sleeping, smoking, south park, star wars, starbucks, strangers in paradise, studio apartments, tatoo art, tattoos, technology, teenagers from mars, terry gilliam movies, the apocalypse, the couriers, the crow, the dark crystal, the moon, the pixies, the princess bride, the shins, the simpsons, the tick, tim burton movies, tori amos, transmetropolitan, under-achieving, unrequited love, urban decay, video games, warren ellis, wasting away in margaritaville, wearing strange costumes, weezer, wine, women, women who wear glasses, writing, wwii, your mom, zippos