a life free of lies...

& meaningful relationships.

19 January

its been said that friends come and go. solidity has become so fucking overrated now hasnt it? have you lost your feeling for humanity? im still here. i still have pages to fill. are you up for some listening? do you posess the skills? if not then whats your purpose in this place? are you scared...scared that youre alone? well youre not. im here. still here filling page after page with blatent misconception that id like to call my own life. if you want to listen, friend, youre more than welcome. come in. come in. nothing's wrong with being someone's friend.

my star matthew and his amazing ness that no one could ever replace. the love of my life renate with her amazing skills and funky attitude and who could forget all those times she let me cry in her lap. philip my other half and his spontaneous road trips to nowhere and holding my hand in disney world when boys were mean to me. the parents who help you grow into the person god himself intended. ashley who could never ever make me mad not even if she tried and her wonderful ways of having a great time and being an amazingly out of this world friend. good music that will either one, make you dance and laugh until your stomach hurts or two, rip the tears from your eyes and hit you where nothing else can. and assorted other little thins that wont mean anything to you but get to me.

highschool in general with its too pretty girls and its disrepectful guys. no one grows in a situation like that. everyone learns to hate themselves and one another. people who hate. no matter what kind of hate whether it be racial or just because someone wears a lot of black clothing. people who hate are shallow and need help. i get annoyed with many other things including being asked to reapeat something ive just said.

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