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"...the sweet old etcetera"
On our way to the moon.

"Torre di Pisa", 1971

Current Mood: blah

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"Whatever you reachin' for,it better be a sandwich because you
are going to have to eat it!" Louis Gosset Jr.

Ha, oh Lou! That line almost made up for the horrible ending! Actually, I guess it was not that bad, it just played like a Magnum P.I. ending. Then again, I used to watch Magnum P.I., so I suppose I should not be such a snob.

He called this morning and I knew I should have not picked up.
I should be mature enough to go on with our project, but how can I believe
in that when I have to give up something I believe in more?

I am not writing anything else about that. I am tired of seeing the pattern
in print. It will play for the best or the worst, period.

I am looking forward to the Art Institute going to see:


I am looking forward to it.

Current Mood: blah