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"Whatever you reachin' for,it better be a sandwich because you
are going to have to eat it!" Louis Gosset Jr.

Ha, oh Lou! That line almost made up for the horrible ending! Actually, I guess it was not that bad, it just played like a Magnum P.I. ending. Then again, I used to watch Magnum P.I., so I suppose I should not be such a snob.

He called this morning and I knew I should have not picked up.
I should be mature enough to go on with our project, but how can I believe
in that when I have to give up something I believe in more?

I am not writing anything else about that. I am tired of seeing the pattern
in print. It will play for the best or the worst, period.

I am looking forward to the Art Institute going to see:


I am looking forward to it.
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Modotti 1928

A quote.

"There is always more surface to a shattered object than a whole."

--Djuna Barnes to Emily Holmes Coleman
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At home

Spirits of the Dead (1968)
Tre passi nel delirio

Haunting adaptations of three Edgar Allen Poe stories make up this anthology of short films from three European directors. Roger Vadim's Metzengerstein tells the story of two lovers (Jane and Peter Fonda) who experience spiritual reincarnation; Louis Malle's William Wilson, finds an Austrian officer (Alain Delon) haunted by a doppelganger; and Federico Fellini's Toby Dammit features a desperate actor (Terence Stamp) in a pact with the devil.

The Advocate (1993)
The Hour of the Pig

How far jurisprudence has come! This medieval court drama is set in the days when humans and animals were believed to harbor the devil. Courtois, an educated lawyer (Colin Firth), leaves the big city to find peace in the countryside but soon discovers acts of murder and mayhem that are holding a small hamlet in fear. To the townsfolk, Courtois's intelligence is nearly as mysterious as witchcraft

Asylum (1972)

Filmmaker Peter Robinson chronicles Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing's revolutionary therapy for schizophrenics in this 1971 documentary. In the 1950s, Laing set up a series of "safe houses" where schizophrenics could live communally and free of medication in a nurturing environment. Robinson recorded his seven-week stay at a London "safe house," effectively humanizing the face of madness and setting a standard for cinema verité filmmaking

*I am not sure about #2, but it cannot be bad with Ian Holm. Right? Right?
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