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This Migraine thing made me remember of a comic, that MTV L.A. later aired into animated cuts within videos, like 8 years ago.

It was called Chico Migraña [Migraine Dude].


- kid with a crown: I've just auto-declared myself a king. My first decree is...you Migrain Dude, will get decapitated.

- Migraine Dude: Hey...my headache is gone. [moron]


Today! i just woke up with one of those headaches that happen to be, really, the worst thing in the world at the moment, it is sort of a torture. I walk and every step i make it hurts even more. My eyes turn sensible to strong lights, got already an aspirin. Apparently it didn't help that much.*cries*

Migraine is something i started to suffer since i was 13. At the beginning i thought it was because of my glasses or my short sight constantly increasing, but no. I'm not that much of going to doctors, nor physicians.That pissed off my mother. Not even taking medicine, still at this age i find'em yucky!. Headaches became loger and stronger.

A year ago Reading a TIME mag, found out more about Migraine,there was an enire article, the A to Z facts and whole story about it. I didn't know it was simply an inflamation of blood vessels [that's why the pain] and the high percentage of people suffering it.I felt for a minute like HA! i'm not the one who suffers. But seriously i wouldn't wish anyone suffer it, it stinks.

As an alternative treatment for Migraine, they recommend Yoga, besides the pain relievers and oral contraceptives. That recommendation is sustained on the prevention of the ocurrence whcih includes stress reduction. It also alliviates the pain by providing relief to sensory overload and relaxing your mind. I don't know what sounds more like -BS- but i definitely thinking seriously of that. Drnk less coffee might be a good point to start from.

Alright, off to lunch.