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How much do you bid for this tuna?



          Imagine Wall Street smelling like shrimp and tuna, no ties nor screens monitoring rising points per transaction of companies. Just think of fish. 2,246 tons of sea goods sold every day. Around 7000 merchants and buyers gathering every early mornings handeling with centenars of transactions. more than 8 million of dollars sold in fish each day. Yes, fish sales in Tsukiji Market are a whole world within the urban spirit of Tokyo, a whole life itself.

The Journey:

3:00 am - All goods from around the world arrive at the market either by plane or ships. Even from midnight of the previous journey.

4:45 am - Wholesalers lay out the goods in preparation for the start of the auction. Before auction jobbers examine carfully the quality of goods and estimate the price.                                                                                                                  


Image courtesy of National Geographic (above) and the other from yuppiesofzion.com  1995.                                                              

5:00 am - auction of tuna starts. ''How much do you bid for this??'' the auctioner of a wholesale firm ask loudly. In rsponse a lot of jobbers and authorized buyers bid against eaach other. The good received within a day sell out the same day.

5:45 am - The goods priced at auction were taken inmediately by the jobbers. They carry the goods they havebought to their own stalls so other buyers and caterers can buy them easily.

from 6:00 am - The goods bought in stalls are transported by the retailers which carry he to their own shops in the city. between 6:00 am and 10:00 am the place reached its maximun stage of crowdness.

11:00 am Stalls start to close nd everything gets set and cleaned for the following journey.

1:00pm The market has a short quite time, whilst Tokyo peaks its business.

Until the first arrive of the new goods for the new day.That's Tsukiji.

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