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The need of a warm soup and the homesick feeling.

*sneezes*...ahhhh..!! I'm not feeling well today. The high temperatures outside, plus the constantly pouring days in the afternoons, plus the A/A here in at work, in college , and every where sort of contributed with these symptoms of stuffy head and runing nose. I took a Tylenol already so i hope to be feeling better.

  This weekend was kind of productive at my parents house, in my hometown.

 Lots of catchings to do at home and glad got them all done. Two doors and a side fence to be painted, washed the deck in that small portion of the wharf that belongs to the house.Made dinner on Saturday night, they just loved it. And helped with the meal for Sunday. *sneezes*...[OMG...there you go we're having showers again].Collapse )