carlos (carlitos_) wrote,

Felt the need for posting some words here.

It began as a Happy Birthday, but something made me realize like there was a no-celebration here. With this i'm saying that, 70% of people  didn't make the effort to spend some time and share some words, people who sang the Happy B-day song most of them ignoring my name (calle them friends of my brother's). The worst of all, i am at home and there was no way to run away from this. Things like this happen to some people out there i case you didn't know.

I cut the damned cake, and served it to the presents. Most of them already gone and dispatched with a smile and a " Oh well, thanks a lot for comming".A  few still remain downstairs celebrating, something they don't even know.

I'm sending this to myself, the most sincere congratulation from this day, Feb the 5th.


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