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I'm glad this year is about to come to an end. 2005 wasn't exactly an easy year so 2006 doesn't sound any better, but, as i said like a year ago ''i may try to get through''.

- I moved from a huge apartment just for myself to a smaller one shared with my older brother and his wife.
- I had an excellent Valentine's Day night, like never, this year.
- I got dumped by my boyfriend a month and 6 days later.
- Quit my old job at a travel agency in April and by the beginning of May i got hired in a new one [better payment]
- Became the best of my Topography class during Summer Session.
- Met this awesome guy, called Ivan.
- Butterflies were all around my stomach. Everything seemed and tasted like heaven.Finally someone told how good my benedictine eggs are and served me as companion when it rained. Thanks Ivan!
- My pick up got a huge scratch by some fucker in a parking lot whilst i was doing some shopping.A big punch to my pocket.
- Ivan said ''I love you'' for the first time after 3 months going out.
- Begining of Autumn, and my bank account wasn't solid at all. Difficulties paying the apartment rent. Mom helped me, what a relief!!...i could breath.
- Pleasant moments with Ivan.
- Lost a really nice classmate. Passed away due to a heart attack.
- My brother went through a drug abuse period, short, but really killer. Had to be all chin up and help him. Bad comments and looks received from neighbors and well appreciated help from some others. [gladly he's fine now and all...part of my Xmas wish]
- Low marks in some courses such Diff. Equations and Thermodynamics. I knew this was all because of my family related issues, but sadly i couldn't tell anyone to help me on that since i'm retarded.
-Saved all my courses by improving the marks. Those were some loooooong nights of no sleep, and lunch times at work submerged on practices for my exams.
- Abandoned Ivan a bit.
- Got a pink eye.
- A whole week with allergy and flu symptoms.
- Made my official visit to the dentist and no cavity was found. yays!
- Enjoyed concerts of: Pearl Jam, Moby, Dream Theater, Incubus.
- My father's diabetes condition was in general, good.
- Ivan hasn't been acting like himself in a month and i'm afraid he's done...or well..we're done...just got to get the chance to sit and come clean with a ton of stuff.
- My heart isn't like standing more emotional related situations.
- Nice Xmas day with my sister and my cousin. far that's was in resume 2005 for me. Sort of a lost a quarter, earned two....spent three...received two again! process

What will be 2k6 all about?...see next post.

Thanks, Carlos.
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