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i make collect calls to home to tell them that i realize.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[ Friday
June 17 11:11pm
well this was pretty much the worst birthday i've ever had
thanks to anyone who actually remembered
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"To err is human, to forgive is devine." [ Wednesday
January 12 7:58pm
This is my private journal. That means it's FRIENDS ONLY. If you are seeing this page then it means you havent made the cut. To get around this detour you can; comment, be cool, and save the drama. You will most likely be added. EDIT; don't ask me to add you if you don't add me. Im currently in school for reason's unknown. I sing in the shower. I use hand sanitizer roughly 6 times a day. I drink more water than you. If youre a boy, stay away. From past experiences all boys are trouble. I don't like ugly layouts. JK!.. no seriously. I hate when people have awesome icons, which leads me to look at their journal, and their layout sucks. I hate ugly "friends only" banners. I hate the 'terminal' font. I do friends cuts often because I have ADD and I get bored of you. Be interesting(=

PS join my community pronto layout_ratings.
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