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find myself a city

the diary of a mad urban planner

An alarmingly boring personal life: married for 24 years to Perfect Guy, two kids (Big Idea Boy is 16, Super Girl 11), parents still living, two older brothers (one deceased). We have travelled a lot. I grew up in Montreal, but spent a lot of my adolescence in London (with late brother) and Los Angeles (with dad). Over the past 15 years, we have lived in Toronto, Melbourne, Toronto, London, Toronto, Melbourne. Yay, Commonwealth! I recently finished my PhuD by 40 project, and now teach urban planning in Melbourne, after having worked as a community organizer, local government policy planner, planning consultant, and full-time mom. I write this blog primarily as (1) personal expression; (2) a way for my super computer illiterate family and friends to catch up on our lives in Melbourne (they are mostly in Canada). Likes: travel, cities, reading, teaching, walking, biking, cooking, learning from my kids and Perfect Guy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Dislikes: doctrinaire thinking of any type, spelling and grammar. Proudest moment: realizing that my life gets better every decade, which is mostly luck but there is some strategy involved.