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Family Trumps World again [Mar. 21st, 2011|09:33 am]
PG and I went to a performance called 'Home' on Saturday night. It was a meal with music and a play within it - about the meaning of home and how it is reflected in food. Two women - one born in Italy and one in Portugal - performed and supplied recipes. It was very good and a beautiful night for the walk home.

Yesterday, I was going to sit in the garden and finish 'The Spirit Level'. The Girl was at a birthday party and the Guy was trying out rock climbing. I got a phone call from the Boy in early afternoon. I was a bit surprised, because that is the middle of the night in Israel. It turns out his application to University of Toronto isn't such a slam dunk as he optimistically predicted, and he wanted me to comment on his entrance essay. So I opened up my email, which I am always loathe to do on weekends, and indeed, his draft was amongst the 56 new items in the inbox. Read, reviewed, sent back.

Then I got a call from one of the Boy's friends, who lives around the corner. He was having problems with his uni homework - could I take a quick look? Since he is doing a course in Urban Planning at the Uni Down the Road, I said sure. Also, I wanted to arrange for him to feed the cats while we are visiting the Boy. We spent an hour on his first essay. Kids don't do punctuation these days, but his ideas were good.

I tried to ignore the rest of the emails, but my mom forwarded on a job ad. It isn't really up my alley, but it does feel like the centre of gravity is shifting back to North America. As PG points out, if the Boy is considering a career in international relations, it isn't like we will have him nearby anyhow. But I cannot deny that the little bit of me that is in constant grief over missing my family is a bit bigger these days.

Then the Boy called again in the evening so he could catch up with his dad and sister. We splayed in front of the tv, and I physically missed putting my feet on the Boy's lap.