caraway_ (caraway_) wrote,

People Amaze Me

Although I was working on a deadline yesterday and the website I was using went down SIX TIMES in a half hour (damn you, Australian Research Council website!!), I can't say I don't love my work at the moment. I finished a revision of an article yesterday. I knew the first draft was a dog's breakfast, so I sent it to a journal with good reviewers. And indeed, they slated it, but were helpful in suggestions. I then sat for months on the draft - and finally a couple of weeks ago sucked it up and rewrote the article entirely. MUCH happier with it now. It is hard to think. It is easy to get distracted (pats livejournal). It is satisfying when I actually challenge myself.

Now two days of boring paperwork (a long overdue book review and an ethics application) and it is back to the thinking trough.

I saw '127 Hours' last night. Because it is only opening here now, the guy whose life the movie is based on, Aron Ralston, was doing a Q and A at the theatre last night, along with his dad. Amazing what people can survive. Really good movie, by the way - it kind of shoots 'True Grit' down, because the story behind 127 Hours IS true grit.

And today I'm having lunch with a woman whose breast cancer recurred last year, just as she was finishing her master's thesis. She was depressed for a while (and I feel guilty for not keeping in touch with her), but now she is feeling better both physically and mentally and wants to do a PhD. She's over 60.

How can I whinge, when I meet these people?
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