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Shopping Therapy [Feb. 7th, 2011|10:36 am]
Saturday night I couldn't sleep for gnashing of teeth. Sunday I took the only cure I know works - a long walk. This was encouraged by my wise partner in life. We walked down to a weekly art market that we had heard about - maybe a 6 km walk both ways? Rose Street Market in Fitzroy: very nice. I bought a new purse and the Guy got some cufflinks.

We had minestrone for dinner - because the middle of summer this year means cold weather, pelting rain, and floods, as opposed to impossibly hot weather and bushfires. At least yesterday that was the weather on offer - who knows what tomorrow brings in this crazy country? The Girl sorted out her stuff for The First Day of Year 9, while we watched all the new tv that is on offer now that school is back (Modern Family! Bones! and tomorrow... Glee!!), we all spoke to the Boy (who, after a lightening tour of Haifa, Tel Aviv and the Negev, is in a shared apartment in Jerusalem and looking forward to his classes at the Hebrew University for the next month), and I slept like a baby.