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♥ kiss my tears away [entries|friends|calendar]
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yippee skippee! [24 Dec 2003|11:19am]
[ mood | happy ]

so i changed my backround...and damn right it's better than yours...i could teach you but i have to charge! lol.

it looks pretty kool to me...tell me all what you think.

la la la love you!
inga <3

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ahhhhhhhhhhh! someone please save me! [23 Dec 2003|07:22pm]
[ mood | bored ]

so who's kool and has to stay home tonight because she has no ride to any place?

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WARNING:...last minute shoppers may run you over! [22 Dec 2003|10:31pm]
[ mood | amused ]

lol...crazy night.

so i went to the mall with my sister to do some last minute shopping and sadly i saw everyone at eb. it was like a mad house. there werte people running everywhere...the live for santa has never been bigger and pretzel time was all sold out of preztels/soda!!! argh! it was insane. i saw yeager yeager, mike harvey thecalloforion, jonny, amanda xoswtmandaxo, ashley, tom, eric r. visgode, emily meaninglesslove, patti wantsyou2smile, shanon _weirdguy...and etc. it was crazy. i even saw santa! lol. but it was pretty kool. my sister and i spent some quality time together so i was pretty kool. it's funny how much we can realte when we're not fighting. good stuff. yeah so i didn't make play nor did any other featured dancers from salk. it's ok ladies...we'll do better next time! at least kira is still in the chorus! good luck my little kikkikins! and good luck sissy as well! =) anyway...after the mall i went to shop rite and bought some goods to bring to a homeless family (girl scout thinger-ma-bobber) it was actually quite sweet. then i came home and me and my sister went crazy wrapping gifts and making cards! fun stuff. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg! how the hell could i forget?!?!?!?!

i only bought one teacher a gift this year and that was mr. lembo because he is my most favorite teacher! not only is he a teacher and advisor to me...but he really is a good friend as well. but anyways, to start, his card was well decrated by me and it was one of those christmas cards you give to pets (sickos actually do do that! ahhhhhhh!) and it said..."to the best christmas dog a owner could ever have" or some shiznit like that. lol. anyway, then i wwrote him a cute little message and for his girft i bought lembo a size small g-string from victoria's secret made with colored dimonds. it's sooo hot. lol...watch me get suspended tommorow!...lol...it's too funny! hahahahahahaha!

okies it's getting closer to beddie time. night kiddos!

sweet dreams,
inga <3

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an ode to my love, micheal thomas hilton... [21 Dec 2003|08:11pm]
[ mood | i miss you sooo much <3 ]

your the best thing that ever happened to me...and i thank you deeply for the many memories you left within my heart. i love you mike. from those amazing days we shared together over the summer....to the amazing weekends that we went to the movies and just held each other. the inside jokes we shared together like uncle cows and how he was going to smack you with his utter. ahhhh. ::memories:: or our first kiss? i really wanted you to be my last kiss as well. it was god's greatest gift for me to meet you. i hoped you felt the same. but what hurt me the most...i never got to tell you good bye...or how i still loved even after that one long hurtful night. we never faught. you were great to me. you treated me like i was a queen and since then i haven't even come close to finding anyone who did that to me. but why didn't you tell me?...it would have still been the same...i still would have loved you. i guess you wanted to live life to the fullest? and i hope you did. now i knew why you never wanted anyone to ever feel sorry for you. wow...i just can't tell you how much you mean to me and how much i still love you. after you left...i lost everything...i didn't know much about life...but i did know then i would never see you again. i lost my faith...and i was angry at god for doing something like that to me. i actually stopped beliving in him...but then i realized he does exsist and he took you from me because you were so perfect he had bigger plans for you. your my guardian angel. sometimes though...i wish i was able to be there with you...in the most pleasent place where you rest. all i know is i miss you soo much. your kiss forever lays upon my lips. and you in the end will be my last kiss...you travel with me every where i go in my heart.

my hopes are so high that your kiss might kill me.<3

R.I.P. - Michael Thomas Hilton
my first true love </3>HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE! <333333</div>

yes...it's a sad yet happy day i guess in a way? he would have been 15 today. how is it possible for him to die at sucha young age...he was only 13?! unbeliveable. ::tears::

from the first kisses to the very last rose,
ingrid...i love you my darling <33333333

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dkfhsdlifhsdlghhesldagfndlkabvdlwj !! [20 Dec 2003|08:08am]
[ mood | lazy ]

yeah so my days have been really crappy lately...but somehow (oddly) something good ends up happening...


went to the dance audition...ehhhh...i had the dance done pretty well and then they called me in and i fucked it up so badly becuse i forgot the dance. then...the second time around i redeamed myself and got my act together. argh. then after that tim saclari drove me, pat, and alex home after being malested by everyone...hahaha. then i got ready for the party. court came to my house with mandy, jill, and michelle and we all walked. the party was gay at first cause there was gay music (christmas carols) playing. argh! but just as i was thinking things couldn't get any worse kevin shows up. i really wanted to go home then. and figures the night was full drama because people kept saying shit that wasn't true. how gay is that? by the end of the night i was tired and in tears...figures...but then since i had to walk home alone...mike was sweet enough to give me a ride home. cutest kid. awww....and since we had to wait for his mom we were just talking and he told me he likes me. ahhhhhhhhhh. very cute. and then we exchanged screen names and he drove me home. then i get home and get online and kev happens to be on and we just settled everything online. but figures...he doesn't like me and he wishes he went out with christine odonell? what the hell?!?! yeah well guys are asses.


ok...school was blehhh...skipped italian to decorate the photography door? right. yeah, so after school i went straight to court's and we just chilled at her house while she like cleaned some shit. good stuff. then jill came over and we were all planning to go to eb so we all went to my house so i could get ready...and then we went to jill's to see if her mom could take us...and we were so screwed. her mom was at a christmas party. and amanda was punished hence the fact we were screwed out of a ride, soptopogopesop, and for court and jill wopeedop. blehhh. so then we just chilled at jill's. we managed to have fun and we ate chinese/sushi. lol. then we all went to court's cause jill was sleeping over and i just wanted to say hi cause court's mom side of the family was there. crazy. so we were all chilling on her living room couch and before i knew it i was sleeping. nooooooooooooooo! i woke up at 6 this morning and was like ohhhh shit! my mom kept calling my cell and she left like 28914639846398257392875 messages. ekkkkkkkk. i ran out of the house like an idiot...and got home only to get a lecture from my mom. it was an accident. ehhhhhhhhh. she kept telling me that she thought i like ran away and got raped by a monkey in the circus?...crazy mommy. errrrrrrrrr.


doctor's appointment at 8:30...then going to go to woodbridge with court to do some last minute shopping while she is at work...then get home and get ready to go to new york with the girl scouts. yippee! fbo shwartz like woah!...holler! lol. then dinner at the view and some clubbing i belive?...yummers! ;)

peace peace guys,
inga_red...holler <3

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tis the season to be jolly... [17 Dec 2003|11:31am]
[ mood | grateful ]

jolly?...how the fuck is that possible?

yeah so for most of you who don't know i got into a 3 car accident on rt. 9 last night (hence the fact i wasn't online or haven't updated my journal.) but yeah so me and my mom were going to a&p from cvs...and as we were turning from throckmorton to get on rt. 9 south the car infront of us decided to merge way too early and he stopped fast and just stood there so my mom had to stop fast and then the car in back of us didn't stop fast enough so he crashed straight into us. it wasn't that bad but then he got hit from the back. so some how he managed to get out and pull infront of my mom but as that was all happening...BOOM! that stupid car that him hit us as well and that car was way bigger then my mom's gimpy ford taurus so it went straight into us and we went flying...my mom got hurt severely (head & neck...but then again my mom is sucha drama queen) and i just felt a litte brused up but before i knew i too was being taken away on a strecher. it was really embarassing...and i think the way they strapped me to the stretcher hurt more then accident...well i don't know? but anyways...so i went and i had to lay there for like ever because there were so many people in the emergency room area and finally they got to me and took some x-rays of my neck shoulders and head. by the time i was done it was 11:30 and they still had to do some tests for my mom and they also had to make us fill out paper work and ish. i was so exausted by the end of the night (which was like 1 in the moring). but it was really strange because my mom and i were talking about how we both needed money right before the whole accident thing and she was thinking of ways that i could go find a job. strange huh? well...the doctor called just a little while ago and he said i need to come back in today to go have a cat scan and he was telling me how my bones in my neck are like dislocated of some ish like that. but then he told me that it's possible for my injuries alone to earn $5,000...and then my mouth just dropped! it's sooo weird how god has his mysterious ways of helping us out. but the best part about it all is that my mom and i are alright for the most part...because i could give two shits about the money...as long as i have my mom...and the rest of my family for that matter...for the holidays.

but before all that chaos happened my day went pretty good. school was normal. (minus the whole courtney told me i had in my pants on the ass region...lol...then play try-outs...did pretty good. then right before the accident i was hanging out with pat colletti at ob pizza. and then he left to go babysit and that's when i went to my mom's and got ready to go do some grocery shopping with her. sigh...

last night made me realize how much my life means to me. and all i thought about is if i ever was to die...i wouldn't be alone...i know some there up in the great heavens mike is waiting for me. <3

and i...will always love you <3

painting the town my favorite color

omg... [15 Dec 2003|03:07pm]
[ mood | shocked ]

i'm moving this summer = no sophmore year! ='(

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everything's changing...but beauty remains... [15 Dec 2003|08:51am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

ahhhhhhhhhh. i had a mucho relaxing weekend! it was really great. it's sooo nice to go on a retreat and find people that go through the same problems as you. and since some of them are older (well most of them actually) they've been through alot more crap and they totally helped me with the problems i needed to deal with. and the chapel was soooo beautiful! i've never seen anything so pretty. and bed time was at 12 but me, court, amanda, katie crespo, fig, and steph just basically stayed up later and ate snacks. lol. it was sooo great.

christian bling bling....lol...quick pass the warm and fuzzy! it becomes cold and prickly...lol! ahhhh good stuff! made sooo many kool friends that'll i know i'll have for life. can't wait till the ski trip! ;)

as for the drama that happened while i was gone...could careless....so don't tell me when i go to school tommorow...speaking of which...i took the day offf because i'm really tired...didn't do my homework...and really sore externally and internally. ekkkkkkk!

so dave told mike! i feel really excited for some reason! even if mike says he doesn't like me i tried...and i think that's all that really matters here. but don't get me wrong....god do i want him to like me! =)

okies...well if anyone in school feels like commenting...do please! i'm sooo lonely at home! =(

ohhhh and also...do we have any band practices tonight?

truely yours,
the orange jew. lol.

painting the town my favorite color

watch my every moves as the tears fall down my face... [12 Dec 2003|03:07pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

drama this drama that...i'm sick of it!

yeah i hope your happy lembo...i think of you as my favorite teacher...i consider you a friend that i can go to for help and what do you do to me?...stab me in the effing back! dancing is my passion...i don't know if you had a dream as a kid...but without dancing my life is ruined...it's all i have honestly! it's my future...my present...my past...why would you do such a thing?

retreat this weekend...crespo is picking me up at 4:30. at least i have something to look foward to this weekend.

another one bites the dust...i think there is something wrong with me...because guys are just not interested in me.

i'll never be with mike...i need to grow up and stop thinking these stupid little fairy tales really do come true. </3 !@#$%, inga ='(

painting the town my favorite color

joy to the world... [11 Dec 2003|10:22pm]
[ mood | okay ]

so yeah today was interesting. my day went really slow in school and then after school i went to jill's with court and we chilled there for a bit then ran to court's and then to my house. we had dinner then and got ready and were off to the youth group thingie. kevin didn't show up...he def. stood me up. nice kid, right? ehhhh. but court hooked up with someone! he's really cute...and his name is anthony...and he's almost 16 and yeah she kissed him and everything! i'm sooo happy for her...i hope that works out for her...they have alot in comman! =D

errrrrrrr...so much for dating around right?...well to tell you the truth i have someone in mind and even though i know he's crazy about someone she seems not to be so crazy about him? can we guess who he is?...yes he's in band. alright...give up?...good...cause i def. am starting to like mike alot?...it's sooo weird. and i know this just will mean more drama...but sometimes you just can't deny your heart. well...we'll see where this takes me.

and as for this morning...
eric - she's aloud to like anyone she wants...and it's up to you if you decide you want her.
dave - eric can make up his own mind. i love you to death but we all know what you think of her.
mike - don't let things get to you that deeply...it's not kool to hurt yourself like that...cause you hurt others in the process.
frank - tell her how you really fel for her and if she doesn't respond to you in the same way just respect that.

ok now that's done with...good night.

sweet dreams,
inga =/

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long update... [10 Dec 2003|09:10pm]
[ mood | tired ]

sunday - so yeah i spent the whole day with pat and kevin colletti and we went sledding! whoop whoop! lol. it was fun and the first time i went down with pat i flew off and like did a superman down the slope...it was sooo great! lol. then i went back to their house and we had dinner and chilled out for a bit and also had a snow ball fight between pat, his little adorable cousin (lauren), and me. it was soo cute. then kevin, james, pat, this girl jackie i met (kevin's friend), and me all went to the movies and saw timeline...gayest movie...it was so predictable and it was a waste of money and time!...but at least we all still managed to have a good time together. then i went back to their house again and i stayed till about 10 and just chilled. good stuff. (lol...kevin...shake shake shake it like a polaroid picture! mwahahahahahaa!)

monday - nothing too interesting happened in school...went and shuttled to west after school and chilled with the band crew. ashley, amanda, and me sat there as the track ran indoors and and watched them run...lol...and by the end of the track practice we knew almost everyone...lol! and gwen's brother has been nominated for one of the hottest kids in school. lol...good stuff! =) then we went back to the school and we chilled there and someone brought someone and things got uncomfortable...and i left. found niki and mahnoor went back to the school with them and when we got back that person was gone...and yeah...then band started and we celebrated sissy's birthday and we just practiced the whole show. it was fun. hah. nothing interesting happened after that and then we left.

tuesday - yay! it was a cool cat day! school was the same and then i shuttled with court and mandy to west and from there we walked to my mom's job...and then to the recterey(sp) so i could drop off the retreat form and then we made our way over to the field behind st. ambrose and chilled out. ummm...yeah so i did the stupidest thing ever! i decided to do a kool jackass stunt and it was just stupid. hahahahahaha! then we stopped at jill's and said hi and shit and then soon after that made our way back to court's for the girl scout meeting. it was soooo funny. after everyone left me, court, and my sister just stayed and we watched a movie. then we ate over and watched x-men after that...and then we just left around 10! argh.

today - ugh it was such a frusterating morning! i get to school and i couldn't find my slip to go on the trip so my teacher (bonk...what a fucking bitch) didn't let me leave her class early. not only that but she told me to see if maybe i left the slip with ms. hamlin so i went and checked and 3rd bell rang so she was sooo smart enough to not give me an effing pass and i got cought sent to the attendance office and they made me write why i was late so i put my stupid teacher was soo cool enough to let me out of class without an effing pass. so she read that and i got into trouble. grrrrrrrr! *whorecough* so after class i ran out of there like a maniac to see if i could still make the trip...and luckily i did! ugh. god how i hate bonk. so the trip was kool...saw my old school..tear tear...and i saw ms. chin! yay! i missed her soo much! i made my swing flag work look soo good (well i tried that is) and i had sooo much fun doing it all. =D that made my day better! then went to west and stayed after to learn music for the play...it was good stuff...but i can't personally be a soprano so this sucks! the alto song in kool though...hehehe...and it's a tango! whoop whoop! then after we decided that we missed the late bus...me, kira, pat, and paul just chilled and watched track...lol! it was cool...then kira's grandma was kool enough to take me home and i slept for like the rest of the day...but my throat now is feeling sore...i need to go make some tea and try to feel better! too tired.

later kiddies!
the fire crotch! =)

P.S. - i am not a cock block...lol!

[] Shake Shake Shake it
// Like a polaroid Picture

------stolen from niki...who stole it from antoinette! lol... <3

6 will be *painting the town my favorite color

the heaven i hold in my heart... [07 Dec 2003|12:31am]
[ mood | longing ]

sometimes...things aren't perfect...and that's life...but what am i suppose to do while you go off and live a good life? sit here and be miserable alone...i've tried to avoid you and things were going so great...and then i saw you and i realized how much i care. the memories are everywhere...and it's hard just to let them go i guess. you know...every night on the cruise...i would sit outside and count the evergoing numbers of stars and i realized...even with all the drop-dead-goregous countless stars there are still not enough stars that explain the way i feel for you. well farewell...i guess this is. it could have been great. =/

i miss you soo much,

painting the town my favorite color

the sweetest 16... [06 Dec 2003|11:00am]
[ mood | touched ]

it was quite a chaotic night...the snow made me worry if the party was still on or if it wasn't...and what was going on with niki and mahnoor...neither of them were able to go...but i still went and tried to have a great time for the three of us. besides...sissy's my friend...how could i let her down on her night?...so i got there and everyone was dressed up so i didn't feel like an idiot...and i got some feedback on my shoes...lol...i pretty much spent the night chilling with jess, diana, joclyn (sp), and stevie. cool people. we danced and we had a good time. eric was there...it was a bit akward at first i may admitt but i wasn't going to let that stop me. it was so weird though...cause like i really thought i was getting over eric and then i saw him there...and he was so goregous...and i like wanted him back so much! i think it was the over whelming thought of how we were suppose to be there together and he's with someone and yeah. i guess the saying out of mind out of thought only works when your with someone else. but they never said anything about out of heart...

sissy...thanks so much for inviting me. it was so wonderful. and your candle ceremony was adorable. =D

caleb...hahahaha...you looked so cute in the shower picture! hahahahahahahahahaa! ok i'm done.

one word...shrinkage. sweet.

i don't want alot for christmas
there is just one thing i need
i don't care about the presents
underneath the christmas tree
i just want you for my own
more then you could ever know
baby make my wish come true
baby all i want for christmas is
- mariah carey...cough ;)

have the sweetest 16 sissy! <3 - happy birthday!

with all the love in my heart,
ingrid <3

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honk if you think i'm hottttt [04 Dec 2003|06:26pm]
[ mood | productive ]

yeah so i'm bored out of my witts! tear tear! the days have just gone pretty slow...and nothing new has been happening. blekkkk! it seems as if me & aaron and me & barlotta are getting closer and closer as friends. good stuff. i burnt myself with the curling iron...not kool! but at least it was for a good cause. i was experimenting with new looks and it hit me! i came out with a preppy christmasy look with waved messy hair and holiday colored make-up. it looks like a cheap version of a preppy punk look but it does the job cause i make it look good. lol. ;) speaking of christmas...i really don't want to spend it at home. i have such a small family and it's too quiet. plus i have no money to get my friends, let alone family, any gifts...and i'm too young to get a job...argh! tommorow's sissy's sweet 16...nice...and then saturday i may do something with aaron or pat. sunday i'll hopefully go into the city to see the tree and do some shopping on 5th ave. [inserts wink wink here] =D i want to date...if anyone has a guy they're not using or have a hand-me-down-guy please send him to me...i'm pretty much just looking for a friend i can call more...and not nessasarily have to do anything with him! =) yeah later kiddos.

snow....like woah!

have to go to the church thinger-ma-bobber...later kiddos. -inga

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alot to tell... [02 Dec 2003|04:29pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

i've had just about the most amazing vacation ever...as you all know...i went on s cruise. i met tons of great people...and i even got to know some people that i already knew even better...argh. so yeah i met this amazing kid ted...but i honestly won't go into everything unless you ask me because it's more one of those memories that live in your heart. i have a feeling i'll be seeing more of him though. [inserts ear to ear smile here] <3

the islands were absolutely astounding and i had a great thanksgiving too...i spent the day on st. thomas (saphirre beach)...good stuff...lol...then i came back to the ship and got ready for dinner. after dinner i met ted at one of the bars and went and partied with him...fun night.

every night on the cruise i got drunk...and every day i would have the biggest hangovers...it was so fun (minus the hangovers)...but the worst thing about the cruise is i think i'm addicted to smoking now...blehhhh. argh...some one slap me please.

but yeah...the past few days have been kool...i made up with some people...eric, manda, etc...and aaron and me have become better friends then ever...it's kind of crazy...but totally in a good way.

ohhh yeah and how could i forget...I'M MOVING! =0
yupp...i totally can't belive it...didn't see this one comming...i got home from the airport on sunday night and i walked into the sign and was like...ohhh mom...look a for sale sign...and then cried my eyes out...and worst of all...i don't know what hurt...walking into the sign...or how much i'll miss all these sweet memories i have here. but in a strange way...i'm happy i'm moving...at least i get rid of theis crazy drama. =)

alrighty all...later kids,
inga_red <3

P.S. - i forgot to mention...i'm picking up drums and starting a band! ;) good charlotte...WATCH OUT! mwahahahahahaa!

* just for the record...
i'm moving to miami....so yeah sorry! =( <3

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i saw mommy kissing santa claus... [22 Nov 2003|05:58pm]
[ mood | excited ]

yeah so leaving sooon...i'll miss ya'll! [inserts tear here]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY BESTEST! [inserts penis here] <3

i know it's early and all but i won't have anytime to update it on your b-day for real cause i'll be in the hottblazing sun babes! lol....enjoy your new job! =) <3

the sleep over was great! crazy stuff...we ran around the neiborhood(sp) and ran by sheppard school with ginny's friends dan and dan...kool cat kids...then they left and the cops came so we left...lol...then we went by dunkin' dounuts and carvel and met up with dan and dan again. weirdos...lol...but they're kool. then we went back to manda's and finished finding nemo...fell asleep...then woke up this morning had some coffee and a bagel and then my mom picked me up...went to my hair/nail appointment (all this happened in my pajamas...lol) and got back and finished getting ready to leave so yeah i have to go finish up everything else...i'll miss you all soooo much!

inga <3

P.S. - eric if your reading this...i miss you way too much even as a friend. i'll take what i can get. =( <3

3 will be *painting the town my favorite color

i came before you!...nah nah nah nah poo poo! [21 Nov 2003|01:53pm]
[ mood | busy ]

lol...yeah so i'm home...my mom picked me up early so i can finish packing and handing out girl scout cookies. i left right before lembo's quiz! sweet! =D

day went by pretty fast...nothing to great...ohhh yeah! we had the peer to peer program today...lol...it was so funny...

me: dude that kid is cute!
kelsey: ohhh yeah...i know...his name is ryan.
lisa and me: ohhh kool...so you like got up the nerve to talk to him?
kelsey: no...he just looks like a ryan.

lol...kelsey ruane...i lover you dearie! <3 =)

every little thing that you do...baby i'm amazed by you.* - your just my everything.

so yeah cruise in 2 days! mwahahahahahaha! but what will i do with out the sight of your face, the sound of your voice, the touch of your hand, or the taste of your kiss...go mad...i hope your satisfied.

amanda's house tonight...should be a riot!..."...and in the morning...i'm making WAFFLES!" lol.

inga <3

2 will be *painting the town my favorite color

it was better then i thought... [20 Nov 2003|10:48pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

yeah so i saw edd barlotta this morning! =D man i missed that kid like crazy! it was good to see him and ish. then aaron came up to me and we talked for a tad and everything was merry. then the day went slow but it was tolerable. ehhhh. so yeah i saw him this morning...so crazy about him...blehhhhhh. he looked as if he was giving me evil looks. ohhh well. then after school i went to court's and we did algebra together and then we had the girl scout meeting at her house. word. then i left and started to get ready to go help out with the comedy/chillax...and then i was off to the show. i get there and i saw edd and j standing outside and it was really fun just hanging out...then i ushered for a bit then went and sat with barlotta for the first act. during intermission i hung out with nick ruiz (the funniest kid known to man...ahhh you just got to love 'em!) and then talked to brian and paul for a tad. wow there were alot of people there. scarey. then for the second half of the show i sat with j and mike leacock and it was so great. nice job guys! then i just went home because it all became so boring.

if a naive little freshman and you know it, clap your hands.

night all,
inga <3

i want need to fall asleep in your arms!

painting the town my favorite color

but you said forever... [19 Nov 2003|06:01pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

yeah so he totally called things off this morning and now i'm soo miserable it's not even funny...he was so right...why do i have to be so wrong?

ohhh man.

well if your reading this now...i want you back soo bad.

gatlb - me and sissy's hot new club...for personal reasons.

today was pretty most definetly crappy. nothing to kool happened...there is no perfect guys out there for me...i'm so jynxed.

with all the broken pieces of my heart,
inga </3 P.S. - dave, yeager, and aaron...thanks for being there when i need to talk to someone. =) *EDIT LIKE WOAH!* dave: yeah so he told me about you guys in the back seat me: were the windows up? dave:i don't know...he didn't mention anything about the windows. LMAO! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! it's such a song silly! =D

8 will be *painting the town my favorite color

what an effin night. [17 Nov 2003|09:33pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

this is not how i wanted it to go at all.

god...i really thought...ugh...wow...it can't be!

excuses...excuses...i'm sick of it. get to the damn point already!

jay, t.j., tim, and johnny are sooo hot as cheerleaders! <3 cuteness.

went to pizzaria...chilled there went back then eric drove me home. i want him so much. <3

painting the town my favorite color

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