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give me some sugar...i am your neighbor!


my day was pretty nice...class went pretty smoothly...and we actually do work in science now. grrrrrrrrrr. hey but i guess you get what you get.

ummm so saturday night was amazingly fun! i love my band loverers and i love dancing! <3 the day was kind of shitty though considering the fact that fat ass doesn't no when to fucking shut up...and as soon as she goes "you don't deserve me as a friend...go to your loser band geeks...cause you lost me as a friend." so i go to her "no amanda...the only loser friend i had was obviously you." i love how she goes and insults my friends meanwhile she has none.

then yesterday morning i went to the turning point to go have brunch with my mom, her friends (iris, elizebeth, and barbra), and iris's son max. after brunch we went to walgreens and did some food shopping and then went to elizebeth's to have dinner there. mike came back from his dad's to have dinner with his mom and so did his cousin jason. interesting evening. at least we didn't fight all night. mike murry was actually nice to me for once. hmmmmmmmm. what has this world come to? plans really for tonight...god i hope it snows!

::crosses my fingers and prays for winter::
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