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thanks for everything pat.

i figured out the key to people's depressions.

they lie to themselves about what they want and you soon start to belive it's something else you want...but in honesty...all you want is what your running away from.

i have no clue how long i can keep this game up. i'm at the point where i cry myself to sleep let alone sit at my computer in tears just waiting for you to im me. i'm not asking for much...just the truth. if youcan't give me that, let along yourself that, why did you even bother. why have i spent the last 5 years telling myself it was worth every minute? why did i continue comming to see you on wednesday nights at schrirra during kartee? why did i let you call me after a year of isolation from my life. why did i kiss you infront of my elementary school where everyone saw? why did we go on the long nature walk to get lost on purpose? why did i give you myself only to hear it was a fling? why can't i stop crying like a baby? why did i give up my halloween to spend the evening dinning with you at your house? why is it that you can't except your still in love with me?

you killed the best of me. and then threw me to the dogs without saying good bye. have you learned to live your lie?

is it really over?
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