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such a great night!

yeah so i missed hanging out with my beloved ones (ash,ant, and rehorn)! ash picked me up and then we all went to ant's to pick her and rehorn up. good stuff. it was a paked car but it was fun considering the fact we we're close enough to start the next T.A.T.U.! lol. then we got there and went straight into pac. sun cause ant wanted to go cloths shopping and she got a few shirts and then i saw melinda and tiff there. kool beans. talked to them for a little then went back to my lovers! then harley, chris, nick, and some other kid walked into pac sun for no apparent reason just so chris and harley could be gay and watch us. gay kids! hahahahaha! and harley was wearing a playboy bunny trucker hat and he kept yelling atme so i finally was like "shut up! the bunnies wouldn't even dream of you comming in their mansion let alone wear their merchandise!" lol. funny shit. then we went into the chinese resturant while ant ate food and met up with yeager! great kid! =D we had the most interesting conversation about...creaming of the panties! i feel bad for ant cause she like lost her appitite but it seriously was like the best conversation of my entire life! lol. so we came a conclusion that rehorn, ash and me all do it. we're still wondering about ant though! then we walked around a bit more and then ash & i just decided we both needed a stoge so we went outside and spilt one while we we're talking with some guys that just moved here from naples, italy. soon enough we realized we were in for a big surprize. let's just say they were the stupidest italia kids i've ever met in my life. gayasses! then we went back in and after running after ant and begging for her forgiveness...we watched her and this kid ryan i met last night play ddr against each other. fun. she's really good at it!! then we went in to go see cheaper by the dozen and i thought it was a cute, funny movie. we'll the half hour that we saw of it that is. we had to leave in the middle of the movie because ant's mom was picking us all up at 10. so rehorn just left and yeager just sat there thinking she hadd to go to the bathroom...poor yeager! so ash and ant ran off to go get some kind of jewlery for ant and me and rehorn stayed in mega and chilled with brian and ryan before they went into their movie. rehorn ran in our theater cause she felt bad and told yeager that we were leaving and gave him a kiss good bye. awwwwwwww! then russian mike came with diaz and they were talking to ryan and then out of no where russian mike turns around and goes, "your ingrid? omg...i'm a big fan of your fotki work." lol. so then i knew i had nothing better to do so i slapped him because i knew which pictures he was referring to. argh. then we left and ant's mom dropped us all off at our houses. it was a pretty good night after all.

omgomgomg! how could i forget?! we ran into eric and his girlfriend and i felt bad because we like were telling eric how we were going to buy him a g-string for his birthday with rinestones and she totally was probably like what kind of freaks do you have to deal with in band? lol. it was sooo funny.

okies well i think i am going to spend the afternoon with my jimmy. yessssss! talk to you kiddies later!

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