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tell me more, tell me more...

yeah so no tsl concert tonight. ohhh well. but i know i'll end up going to the mall or something. gayness. then tomorrow looks pretty kool. i think i'm going to spend the afternoon with jimmy. =) sweet kid. i have to say...he is like my bestest guy friend. i can relate to him so much. then sunday i'm carpooling with sissy i belive and we're going to go to see tomorrow left though it will be weird cause like i'm like only kool with two people now in the band. it's funny how the tables turn on you. hah...i totally just"OHHH DAVE!" hahaha. that was some good memories. plus i saw jimmy & kevin there at their last show. ugh. i'm not sure if i can handle seeing kevin there. things always get out of hand now when i see or talk to him. but i'l make the best of it.

so my hair is a nightmare right now. i think i'll write later. buh bye kiddos.

achuihateyouachu...hahahaha! ash i love you! <3

love yah baby! - ingrid

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