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not so bad after all.

i think my christmas was very merry for the most part. i mean, my immediate family (not including my lazy mommy) cooked in the kitchen and made a great christmas lunch. it was actually pretty nice. then we basically sat around the house in our p.j.s' and just chilled. i got a really pretty belly ring from my sister. i was surprised. she actually got me a gift i could enjoy and wasn't really cheap about it. she spent like $35 dollars on it. goooo sister! lol. so yeah on channel 41 there is a james bond (007) marathon going on all day so my sister, my mom, and i were watching all day. pretty interesting. i want to be a bond girl...but i want to be a bond girl that doesn't end up being with bond and fight his sexy urge to have sex and then leave in the morning. making him want me all the more. lol. i'm stupid. then sex & the city came on at around 8. god i le le le love that carey bradshaw! <333333 i'd say she's my idol. =D i think i seriously am going to be just like her when i get older. yeah so i'm cleaning out my room and getting rid off my computer now cause my grandpa has to redo the floor before the move. ehhhh. it won't be so bad i guess. yeah so i'm going to go get back to my loved ones. god i love the holidays. i feel like i actually belong now. =D

and to all and to all a good night...
merry christmas*
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