February 22nd, 2004

i see you baby...shaking that ass!

lol...last night was grrrrreat! niki came over and brought sooo much liquor....i didn't like understand where the hell she got it all from...lol. then 2 of her friends...john and jacob came over...then the twins showed up...then chris! <3 =D good stuff. lol. my house was crazzzay....and niki was like drunk off her mind...it was sooooo funny! lol. then everyone like left and mahnoor and linnea show up! lol. it was really funny. then they left cause like nobody was there except me and chris. everybody like cancelled last minute! fuckers! lol. but we still had fun. then me and chris cuddled and watched the new guy. lol...cute movie and he left around 11:30...lol...then my mom came home 10 mins. later and saw liquor in the trash and went buck wild...lol...it was funny though. lol. yeah but it was fun over all. something just didn't feel right though. things i still need to decide. talk to you kiddies later!


i'll update you all on what happens! =(

kisses! <3

i'll leave you with this...

estee 102%
xxdork21xx 102%
meaninglesslove 95%
_femmefatale 93%
cgchic 91%
dragon82487 91%
dragonslave 91%
ill_be_ur_truth 91%
brokenxsilence 85%
lessthanally 85%
xoswtmandaxo 85%
_weirdguy_ 84%
robbankrobber 76%
boysetsfirex15 72%
falkram 72%
kissxthexrain 72%
onceand4all 65%
thesouthstar 65%
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