January 10th, 2004

i love how life takes you so how high and then drops you flat like a fucking pancake!

the last 2 days have been so fucking shitty!

thursday - (last day of suspension) me, court, and amanda got into a huge argument. courtney stormed off like a maniac, while amanda stayed behind with me to talk. she said all this shit about court and jill and how weed is gay and blah blah blah...and YES I DID AGREE WITH SOME STUFF SHE SAID...but then the next day she ran to court and said i said all this shit about her and jill and michelle which fucking never happened...so i think this girl has some fucking explaining to do. i love how jersey girls talk soo much shit without backing up anything they fucking ever say. well we'll see who's fucking laughing in the end.

friday - went back to school with my mom (we had an appointment with the office to let me back into school) and i went upstairs to go get my books and court, jill and amanda were all walking together and amanda goes "she a fucking skank and deserves to lose her teacher like that" only for her to not notice my mom standing there and when she did the three of them went up to her and kissed up to her...i love how they think my mom can't hear anything they say. then supposedly court left early and amanda did too because she was in "tears". psht. good for her. and then later at night my mom was going out with her friend iris and was like you are going cause i want to set you up with her son. obviously she knew i wasn't interested in any guys at the moment and how i hate most of them for the time being. but anyway, i went to do her a favor and he wasn't the most attractive guy but he was quite smart. he's a sophmore and well...a red head. god help me. it was a good night though, we went to steak loft for dinner, some diner on rt.9 for dessert, and then went to see big fish at 10:25. i enjoyed myself for the fisrt time in awhile which makes me a bit happier then i was before.

today - i was suppose to go to some beauty pagent thingie with court today but looks like that's not happening, but at least i can look foward to the band party. whoop.

and i don't want the world to see me...cause i don't think that they'd understand.
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