January 5th, 2004

mother fucker! !@#!$!#@%@#$

yuppers...soooo suspened.

3 days out of school. - $5000

getting switched out of lembo's class. - $300

getting the shit beat out of me by my mom. - $16,000 (for doctor's bills that is)

seeing lembo's/ the class' face when he read the christmas card & getting a g-string from me for x-mas. - priceless.

how funny is that?! lol.

yuppers...now you just gave me a reason to fall head over heals for you. ;)
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i figure this would be a wonderful time to speed you all of my break...

...since i was not able to have the pleasure of computer access. well the last time you heard from me was last friday night with ash, ant, and rehorn. interesting night.
sat. - didn't do anything to wow...didn't have my computer to make plans for anything. missed out on my night with jimmy. grrrr!

sun. - that was pretty kool. even though sissy nor rehorn could go to a lost memory show i ended up meeting dana and mandy there with a few other people. very fun. a lost memory did such an amzing job at that show...great stuff. and i have to credit mark for being alive and having fun while playing. it was soo crazy. then after that mrs. richardson was nice enough to drop me off at abyss and met up with jill bunsick and her ghetto saverville crew. we had some fun there. i left at 11:40 though cause i wasn't feeling to great.

mon. - chilled with the old crew again. amazing. i miss all of them (minus tina dirt...gross!). and then we all went to go see something's got to give. hahahaha...ewwww we saw diane keaton naked in that movie! yuck! old titties! lol. then as we were waiting for amanda's mom to pick us up we chilled with some guys outside and one of them i kind of knew from school. it was kind of fun. i slept over court's that night...it was pretty kool.

tues. - went home in the morning and then came back later and then everyone came back to and we all chilled and played a harsh joke on the dirty bi. ewwwwwwwwww. and i applied for a job and suposedly i will have a interview next week to make things more fun. lol. quite excited. yippee!

wed. - new year's eve...went to my cousin's got drunk came home at 5....long night.

thurs. - stayed home...i was really sick.

fri. - sick.

sat. - still sick but managed to go out and catch a movie with court and jill at mega. ran into kevin...very weirded out.

sun. - just chilled decorated my kool redone room. spent the night (till 1 am) on the phone with ryan. amazingness! lol.
ohhh yeah how could i forget! sex & the city! ahhhhhhhh! ::orgasm:: it was good to see the fashion again...ohhh yeah and the sex fiends are i guess also nice as well. lol.

- vacation!

done. later kiddies. kill me now? =D

* EDiT *

i fixed up my user info a bit as well...tell me what you think if your up at this hour. =x
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