December 22nd, 2003

WARNING:...last minute shoppers may run you over!

lol...crazy night.

so i went to the mall with my sister to do some last minute shopping and sadly i saw everyone at eb. it was like a mad house. there werte people running everywhere...the live for santa has never been bigger and pretzel time was all sold out of preztels/soda!!! argh! it was insane. i saw yeager yeager, mike harvey thecalloforion, jonny, amanda xoswtmandaxo, ashley, tom, eric r. visgode, emily meaninglesslove, patti wantsyou2smile, shanon _weirdguy...and etc. it was crazy. i even saw santa! lol. but it was pretty kool. my sister and i spent some quality time together so i was pretty kool. it's funny how much we can realte when we're not fighting. good stuff. yeah so i didn't make play nor did any other featured dancers from salk. it's ok ladies...we'll do better next time! at least kira is still in the chorus! good luck my little kikkikins! and good luck sissy as well! =) anyway...after the mall i went to shop rite and bought some goods to bring to a homeless family (girl scout thinger-ma-bobber) it was actually quite sweet. then i came home and me and my sister went crazy wrapping gifts and making cards! fun stuff. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg! how the hell could i forget?!?!?!?!

i only bought one teacher a gift this year and that was mr. lembo because he is my most favorite teacher! not only is he a teacher and advisor to me...but he really is a good friend as well. but anyways, to start, his card was well decrated by me and it was one of those christmas cards you give to pets (sickos actually do do that! ahhhhhhh!) and it said..."to the best christmas dog a owner could ever have" or some shiznit like that. lol. anyway, then i wwrote him a cute little message and for his girft i bought lembo a size small g-string from victoria's secret made with colored dimonds. it's sooo hot. me get suspended tommorow!'s too funny! hahahahahahaha!

okies it's getting closer to beddie time. night kiddos!

sweet dreams,
inga <3
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