December 20th, 2003

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yeah so my days have been really crappy lately...but somehow (oddly) something good ends up happening...


went to the dance audition...ehhhh...i had the dance done pretty well and then they called me in and i fucked it up so badly becuse i forgot the dance. then...the second time around i redeamed myself and got my act together. argh. then after that tim saclari drove me, pat, and alex home after being malested by everyone...hahaha. then i got ready for the party. court came to my house with mandy, jill, and michelle and we all walked. the party was gay at first cause there was gay music (christmas carols) playing. argh! but just as i was thinking things couldn't get any worse kevin shows up. i really wanted to go home then. and figures the night was full drama because people kept saying shit that wasn't true. how gay is that? by the end of the night i was tired and in tears...figures...but then since i had to walk home alone...mike was sweet enough to give me a ride home. cutest kid. awww....and since we had to wait for his mom we were just talking and he told me he likes me. ahhhhhhhhhh. very cute. and then we exchanged screen names and he drove me home. then i get home and get online and kev happens to be on and we just settled everything online. but figures...he doesn't like me and he wishes he went out with christine odonell? what the hell?!?! yeah well guys are asses.

yesterday was blehhh...skipped italian to decorate the photography door? right. yeah, so after school i went straight to court's and we just chilled at her house while she like cleaned some shit. good stuff. then jill came over and we were all planning to go to eb so we all went to my house so i could get ready...and then we went to jill's to see if her mom could take us...and we were so screwed. her mom was at a christmas party. and amanda was punished hence the fact we were screwed out of a ride, soptopogopesop, and for court and jill wopeedop. blehhh. so then we just chilled at jill's. we managed to have fun and we ate chinese/sushi. lol. then we all went to court's cause jill was sleeping over and i just wanted to say hi cause court's mom side of the family was there. crazy. so we were all chilling on her living room couch and before i knew it i was sleeping. nooooooooooooooo! i woke up at 6 this morning and was like ohhhh shit! my mom kept calling my cell and she left like 28914639846398257392875 messages. ekkkkkkkk. i ran out of the house like an idiot...and got home only to get a lecture from my mom. it was an accident. ehhhhhhhhh. she kept telling me that she thought i like ran away and got raped by a monkey in the circus?...crazy mommy. errrrrrrrrr.


doctor's appointment at 8:30...then going to go to woodbridge with court to do some last minute shopping while she is at work...then get home and get ready to go to new york with the girl scouts. yippee! fbo shwartz like woah!...holler! lol. then dinner at the view and some clubbing i belive?...yummers! ;)

peace peace guys,
inga_red...holler <3
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