December 17th, 2003

tis the season to be jolly...

jolly? the fuck is that possible?

yeah so for most of you who don't know i got into a 3 car accident on rt. 9 last night (hence the fact i wasn't online or haven't updated my journal.) but yeah so me and my mom were going to a&p from cvs...and as we were turning from throckmorton to get on rt. 9 south the car infront of us decided to merge way too early and he stopped fast and just stood there so my mom had to stop fast and then the car in back of us didn't stop fast enough so he crashed straight into us. it wasn't that bad but then he got hit from the back. so some how he managed to get out and pull infront of my mom but as that was all happening...BOOM! that stupid car that him hit us as well and that car was way bigger then my mom's gimpy ford taurus so it went straight into us and we went mom got hurt severely (head & neck...but then again my mom is sucha drama queen) and i just felt a litte brused up but before i knew i too was being taken away on a strecher. it was really embarassing...and i think the way they strapped me to the stretcher hurt more then accident...well i don't know? but i went and i had to lay there for like ever because there were so many people in the emergency room area and finally they got to me and took some x-rays of my neck shoulders and head. by the time i was done it was 11:30 and they still had to do some tests for my mom and they also had to make us fill out paper work and ish. i was so exausted by the end of the night (which was like 1 in the moring). but it was really strange because my mom and i were talking about how we both needed money right before the whole accident thing and she was thinking of ways that i could go find a job. strange huh? well...the doctor called just a little while ago and he said i need to come back in today to go have a cat scan and he was telling me how my bones in my neck are like dislocated of some ish like that. but then he told me that it's possible for my injuries alone to earn $5,000...and then my mouth just dropped! it's sooo weird how god has his mysterious ways of helping us out. but the best part about it all is that my mom and i are alright for the most part...because i could give two shits about the long as i have my mom...and the rest of my family for that matter...for the holidays.

but before all that chaos happened my day went pretty good. school was normal. (minus the whole courtney told me i had in my pants on the ass play try-outs...did pretty good. then right before the accident i was hanging out with pat colletti at ob pizza. and then he left to go babysit and that's when i went to my mom's and got ready to go do some grocery shopping with her. sigh...

last night made me realize how much my life means to me. and all i thought about is if i ever was to die...i wouldn't be alone...i know some there up in the great heavens mike is waiting for me. <3

and i...will always love you <3
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