December 11th, 2003

joy to the world...

so yeah today was interesting. my day went really slow in school and then after school i went to jill's with court and we chilled there for a bit then ran to court's and then to my house. we had dinner then and got ready and were off to the youth group thingie. kevin didn't show up...he def. stood me up. nice kid, right? ehhhh. but court hooked up with someone! he's really cute...and his name is anthony...and he's almost 16 and yeah she kissed him and everything! i'm sooo happy for her...i hope that works out for her...they have alot in comman! =D much for dating around right?...well to tell you the truth i have someone in mind and even though i know he's crazy about someone she seems not to be so crazy about him? can we guess who he is?...yes he's in band. alright...give up?...good...cause i def. am starting to like mike alot?'s sooo weird. and i know this just will mean more drama...but sometimes you just can't deny your heart. well...we'll see where this takes me.

and as for this morning...
eric - she's aloud to like anyone she wants...and it's up to you if you decide you want her.
dave - eric can make up his own mind. i love you to death but we all know what you think of her.
mike - don't let things get to you that's not kool to hurt yourself like that...cause you hurt others in the process.
frank - tell her how you really fel for her and if she doesn't respond to you in the same way just respect that.

ok now that's done with...good night.

sweet dreams,
inga =/
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